Tase the idiot again!

R. Merle Lavengood 10/09/07

Lately the news has been throwing stories at us about the police using tasers and pepper spray during difficult arrests.

The general point of the reporting is to churn up outrage about police brutality and excessive force. I think the videos of the latest incidences should be used as training videos on how you should treat violently stupid people.


There is a growing problem in America with police over stepping their boundaries creating a police state environment.

Too many policemen have taken on the destructive

opinion that they are above the law. They steal, lie and tamper with evidence to alter the outcome of a case they are involved in. I have personally been a victim of a dishonest Michigan State Police officer that stood up in the court room and lied out his ass to discredit my facts and justify the bullshit ticket he wrote. I still understand that even though Officer Black of the Michigan State Police is not worthy of his badge that doesn’t mean every MSP officer is also a lying piece of shit. Although his actions have forever tarnished my respect for anyone wearing a badge.

That said I have to defend the officers that use tasers or pepper spray to combat a violent person during an arrest.

Anyone that doesn’t understand the basic concept that screaming and wrestling with cops will NOT make them stand back and let you go deserves the taser. The only result from that action typically is a good old fashion ass whipping.

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind and you don’t start hitting, kicking, or biting cops while being handcuffed.

Example one: Andrew ”don’t tase me bro” Meyers


This idiot intentionally made a ruckus asking what he thought were tough questions to Senator Kerry in hopes of making national news. It worked!

It was also a prime example

of stupidity. 1st problem was that after highjacking the forum with his filibuster of questions designed to set the world on fire with his razor sharp journalistic skill, he had nothing but tired old questions that no one gives a crap about anymore. It showed that he truly doesn’t know enough to ask a topical question even when he has time to prepare for the event. He wore his immaturity like a badge.

2nd problem is his wanting to create an image of being hauled away because he was exposing a scandal when all he was exposing was his ass. Screaming and fighting with the police on camera trying to make them look stupid is just cause for an ass whooping. Their job is to remove him quickly and quietly. Not stand around while he takes control of the situation disrupting the forum further. If he had walked with them to the back of the room all would have been good but he chose to be wrestled to the ground and handcuffed to protect the officers from his wildly swinging arms. When he was told to stop fighting and allow the cuffs to be put on or be tased he made the decision to be tased. The only thing I see that the officers did wrong was not tase him more! His consequences were the direct result of his decisions. If he feels that he was treated roughly maybe he needs to ask the alumni of Kent State University what excessive force looks like.

Example 2: The 15 year old girl in Fort Pierce, Fla that got smacked and pepper sprayed while fighting with and biting an officer handcuffing her for an offense she actively chose to commit.

  Here again she made the choice to be sprayed. She knew and actively ignored the curfew in place to control the neighborhood’s teenage crime problem.

She was carrying a large garbage bag of possibly stolen clothing with all the store tags intact while running from the police. When asked repeatedly to stop fighting by the officer she chose to bite him with all her might forcing him to defend himself by pepper spraying her before attempting to handcuff her again for his own safety. Did she deserve the treatment she got? Hell yes!

She actively made the decision to force the officer to defend himself and take control of the situation. If she had been a boy she would have been held at gunpoint.

The bleeding hearts protesting the use of non-lethal weapons to keep control of a situation spinning out of control seem to forget the evolution of weapons leading to the taser. The family tree starts with guns. After an excessive number of shootings the nightstick was born. After a few well publicized baton beatings something less bloody for personal protection was needed. Thus tasers and sprays were developed so the perp would not suffer any long lasting discomfort after a bout with stupidity.

Little miss car hood was feeling just fine an hour later while The officer was still nursing his wounds yet the sympathy is being poured onto her juvenile delinquent little ass. She is lucky the use of batons has gone out of favor for more humane weapons.

Rule of thumb, make the cops chase you in a car or on foot and you will get your ass kicked. Swing at the cops and you will get your ass kicked. Bite a cop and you will get you ass kicked. Spit on a cop and you will get your ass kicked. You get the idea, right or wrong that is a fact of life. Anyone stupid enough to not understand this deserves what they get. tase some sense into the idiots.