Boycott Sweetest Day

R. Merle Lavengood 10/20/06

reposted annually before sweetest day rears it's ugly head

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Sweetest Day has once again raised it's ugly head here in the Midwest. Although it is beginning to spread to other parts of the country due to it's huge commercial success.


For those lucky enough to be spared this scam of a holiday I'll explain how it works and the little known history of the corporate blackmail known as Sweetest Day.


Observed the 3rd Saturday in the month of October, Sweetest Day observance originated in Cleveland Ohio in 1922.

Herbert Kingston, a philanthropist and candy company employee wanted to bring happiness into the lives of orphans, shut-ins and others who were forgotten. With the help of friends, he began to distribute candy and small gifts to the underprivileged and homeless. It was a local thing for a long time but recently evolved into a second Valentines Day with the help of the candy, jewelry and florist industry pimps. Eventually reaching Michigan. Then carried to Texas by migrating michiganders. It is now spreading throughout the East coast and marching it's way to the West coast.

Now the florist industry has taken the ball and advertised it to death at a huge profit. Blackmailing American men into spending big money on overpriced flowers and gifts for all the women in their life or be demonized. What started out as a nice small gift to people in hospitals and oldfolks homes regardless of their sex has been contrived to be a windfall of gifts given only to women. This is a planned attack using the self-centered greed of the American female as a weapon against the henpecked defenseless men of this country.

We as Americans need to stand up and put a stop to the

"Hallmark" holidays that are being shoved down our throat by industry's manipulative greed.

The Granddad, Grandma, Secretary, Teacher, Trashman, etc. days designed to sell billions of dollars worth of trinkets, candy and flowers that would've never been sold other wise. All blackmail in the purest sense.

The florists etc. use women's self-cetered attention whore gene to make Sweetest day work flawlessly. Using the American female's universal "greedy princess" mentality that they deserve the world laid at their feet. Anyone standing up against the cooperate greed will be quickly cut down by scorned women, leaving most men powerless. If women could see they are being used, than this tactic would never work.

Case in point. If the Power Tool industry made a "Man Day" where women are required to kiss men's ass all day and have to buy all the men in there life a power tool as a sign of their love(similar to the final cost Sweetest Day has to men) or endure the guilt and wrath of the cold shoulder and anger of that person for weeks, women would give all parties involved the finger and tell their men to go to hell for even thinking they would lower themselves to be forced into such an event. That's why there are no holidays solely to pamper men with gifts from women in this country. Think about it!!

Unless both sexes stand together to stop this madness forced on us we are doomed to pay an endless ransom every October. But women being emotional and man logical, the chances of the two coming together on this are slim.

I have long taken a stand against Sweetest Day and urge all other men to do the same. Explain your views and values to your spouse. Don't be forced into it like so many sheep! If she truly loves and respects you she will support your pride, dignity and willingness to stand up for what you believe in.

Men need to stand up and be MEN and their women need to stand by them rather than be bought off by a dozen roses in a $2 vase! That's not a sign of love, it's a sign of greedy manipulation and a total lack of respect for your man.