Stepping Off of Racism

R.Merle Lavengood 3/9/10

Since the election of our first half black President, we as a nation have been barraged by accusations of racism. Anyone half white or more that disagrees with Obama's want to remake the country in his own likeness is a racist.
The black community are pointing fingers at the white community that voted Obama in and screaming racism...

Contrary to the rants from the hood the opposite is true.

The Professional sports organizations of historically white sports are falling over themselves and throwing millions of dollars in the hopes of creating a black champion to reign supreme over the traditional crackers of their respective sport.

NASCAR, the grandaddy of the good old boy sports created their Diversity Program years ago. By supplying tracks and cars to minority kids to learn on they have high hopes of building a black Richard Petty.

The stated goal is to have a black champion of the whitest sport this side of hockey,
which brings us to the National Hockey League. The NHL has outright stated that by building ice rinks in the ghettos around America they hope to find the Tiger Woods of hockey.

Their dream of a black champion of the Stanley cup is costing millions and they won't stop until they have a 25% black champion like the PGA has apparently.
In comparison we have the traditionally black competitions in America also. The one in the news right now is the Coke/Sprite sponsored "Step Off Competition".

This historically black sport of stomping your feet in unison while slapping your hand against your thighs somewhat resembling a chicken on hot pavement is very popular in the deep south. Sororities at the black colleges compete for prizes and honor every year in this intensely competitive sport.

The national competition this year was upstaged by a white sorority that hands down blew away the rest of the field.
If you can sit through the YouTube clips here it is obvious that the white ZTA's kicked the 2nd place team's ass. The crowd was on their feet screaming and flapping their arms cheering them on.
Yet the same crowd booed and became unruly when the same white team won the 5 black judge's votes and were announced the winners.

The black audience was outraged that a white team won a historically black sport. There were loudly voiced opinions in the media by blacks stating that whitey should not have even been allowed to enter the contest. Jackie Robinson must be turning in his grave.
The black outrage reached such a tempo that after a week Coke announced that they decided to award the 2nd place black team a co-winner title and give them another $100,000 scholarship prize also just to head off any college riots before anyone got hurt.
Where is the racism in this country? The black community needs to look in the mirror before demanding separatism.
Once again when people say they demand equal rights, they don't want equal rights, they want special rights above everyone else.

Racism, just like non-racism is a two way street. As soon as one group or the other demands that their end of the street be closed off then there is no longer a route to move forward as a whole.
Whether it's driving in circles all afternoon, chasing a chunk of rubber around on a peice of ice or imitating a flock of chickens on stage, can't we just all get along!