No VP Term for Billary

R. Merle Lavengood 6/12/08

Now that Barack Obama has booted the wicked witch of Arkansas out of the Democratic running for President he is left with the task of picking a running mate for Vice President. There is a growing demand that he taps Billary for that coveted yet invisible position in the White House.

Even though an Obama/Clinton ticket would logistically be a hard combo to beat it will never happen for several reasons. The reason the media has picked up on is the idea will be vetoed by Momma Obama. There is no way Michelle O will have her day in the sun over shadowed by Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

The ugly truth is that Barack will not want to be tied to Hill or Bill for the next 4 to 8 years. Should he win the Presidency it will be a historic event. As the first half black president of the United States his name will go into the history books right next to George Washington.

When the day comes that we elect our first whole black president does Obama lose his title by seniority?

Barack Hussein grew up a white boy with his white mother and Asian stepfather in Indonesia yet he could become the first black President…replacing Bill Clinton’s current hold on that title.

Should he Achieve this honor he will not want to share the page in the history books with Hillary and her big day as the first woman VP.

The angle I’m not hearing is the social one. Barack would have his thunder stolen when settling into the Oval Office By B J Clinton when he is stiffly introduced to the White House staff and shaking hands while Bill is yucking it up with his old friends and slapping backs and butts. How could Barack feel like “the man” sitting behind the Oval Office desk when having to listen to Bill telling war stories of all the times he blew his presidential load across the same desk in the old days. Every time Bill spoke of the glory days the Obamas would have to get out the bucket of bleach water.

His whole term would be overshadowed by the baggage carrying in-laws from Arkansas. He and Michelle would be too busy counting the White House silverware after every Clinton visit that nothing could get done (for the younger readers, the Clintons took the silverware with them when Bill left office).

The quality most lacking in the Obamaroma campaign is experience and that is something Hillary can’t provide.