World Ends Tomorrow-Minorities Hit Hardest

R. Merle Lavengood 2/25/2008

As I read the news day in and day out I can’t help but notice a common theme. The Evil white race doesn't bleed like the minorities. When bad stuff happens the pity is poured out to the Blacks and Hispanics but whitey either doesn't matter or is just getting what they deserve.

As I read the news today I again learn how the evil white race isn't allowed to feel the pain felt by the minorities. It must be convenient to not be held responsible for your own actions or welfare and to be able to shirk personal responsibility by pointing blame at any and all white folks.

I’ve learned that as a white person I don't suffer the digital TV crisis.

“Hispanics most at risk for losing TV service in digital shift

The story goes on to whine that the Mexican population has bought less digital TVs than the evil whitey and as such will not have rabbit ear reception in February 09 like the privileged white man will. 8.8% of whites will be left without their American Idol while a heart breaking 17.3% of Hispanics will wake up without their Telemundo.

I learned that it is a great American injustice that Pedro and Juan has found it a higher priority to buy rims for the Impala and a fresh Jesus tattoo than replacing the aging but working fine TV their eight kids sit in front of all day.

There is a liberal effort in Washington to buy all the non-whites a new TV converter to right the evils of the white man . The libs already have the government providing $40 off coupons to anyone that needs help buying a converter and the “free TVs for all illegals “ program is gaining momentum slowly as the perceived racist TV doomsday date approaches.

I’ve learned that as a white person I don't hurt when losing my home to the mortgage crisis like the minorities do.

The Washington Post’s headlines include a piece on how unfair it is that blacks and minorities are being hit by the sub prime mortgage crisis.

“Minorities hit hardest by mortgage crisis crunch”

All the fuzzy numbers are laid out showing how bad the non whites are suffering yet not one hint of sympathy for the lowly white man that is losing everything just like the rest of the people pitied in the article. Juan or Leroy lose their home and it’s a tragedy but when Bob loses his home it’s not news worthy.

I’ve learned that as a law abiding white person I’m personally to blame for the black and Mexican gang violence.

"Life-without-parole for youths hits minorities hardest"

I have learned that the Illinois law that allows youth offenders to be sentenced to life without parole most often affects black and Hispanic minors, a new study suggests. The Illinois Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Children found the state has 103 youth offenders serving life in prison without the possibility of parole. Of them, 72 are black and 10 are Hispanic. So we are to pity the 82 black and Mexican gang bangers because only 21 white kids are in for killing their parents.

The article isn’t dealing with the minority crime issue, just how unfair it is that more white kids aren’t killing people and landing in prison for life. Because white kids aren’t out shooting up play grounds of people in drive by shootings the black kids should be given a pass for doing it to be fair.

If a kid of any color has bounced through the courts enough and killed a carload of people or two I don’t want them riding the bus next to my kid! I don’t pity the black and Mexican kids anymore than I pity the white kids for killing the old man next door for $54 with a claw hammer. But some bleeding heart seems to feel that the consequences for murder should be graded on a curve making it easier for the black/hispanic kids.

I’ve learned that as a white person your death doesn't count like the black deaths from Hurricane Katrina.

The headlines screamed that Hurricane Katrina proved “George Bush hates black people” was another pity party over the greater pain felt by minorities killed in the storm.

All the press and TV wore us out with all the white guilt propaganda over how the poor black people of New Orleans were killed when the fact is that in a city that is 67% black 51% of the people killed in the hurricane were white!!!

Did we see any articles boohooing the poor white people killed in the storm? No! because white people don’t count anymore. Only the black deaths got any press or pity. Everyday when you pick up the paper you find out that as a white person you don’t count and to stand up and point out this racism will only get you labeled a racist.

The national battle cry right now is “this nation was founded on Christian beliefs”. That gets you a standing ovation and a possible presidential bid but point out this country was “founded by white men” will get you booed off the stage and branded a bigot.

Even the presidential election is using the white guilt angle to create votes out of fear of being looked at as a racist. The Democratic machine is banking on an anti-white man backlash to push either one of their candidates to office next year. The white man guilt mentality is alive and well and politicians are whipping it up as a tool/weapon to use in their quest to rule the world.

Am I a racist in a white hood? NO! just an average white person with no real angst toward my fellow Americans no matter what our color. I'm just stupid enough to feel white people should be able to stand up with pride without being portrayed as having a burning cross in our backyard. I'm white and proud of it no different than if I were born black I would be proud to be black.

White people should still count! Their losses are just as painful and tragic as anyone else's regardless of color and race.

I feel I shouldn’t risk the loss of my career and personal freedom to take pride in the accomplishments of my race throughout this country’s history any different than my black and Hispanic friends are encouraged to do so everyday on the motivational posters put up at all our work places nation wide. To promote black history at work earns you a promotion, to promote white history at work gets you fired and escorted by security to your car.