Don't Green on Me

R. Merle Lavengood 9/22/08

The new buzz word in the business world today is “green”. The illusion of “the greening” of any service or product translates into increased revenues and profits for the greener and a kick in the pants for the greenee.

Personally anytime a business uses the tag word "green" I get turned off. Not only does it insult my intelligence, it has the ring of a snake oil salesman’s pitch to me.

We went through this whole environmental hocus pocus a handful of years ago. The public’s lifestyle was altered by charlatans claiming to be saving the planet.

Much like today anyone rightfully pointing out these people were full of shit were labeled evil deniers and discredited.

Greenhouse gasses were one of the favorite targets of the Inviro-Nazis then also. One of the biggest victories these idiots achieved after years of government lobbying was forcing legislation requiring all cars and trucks to have a Catalytic Converter installed.

This raised the cost of cars as the development costs to the automobile industry was tremendous. There were plenty of well accredited experts that stood up and pointed out the concept was overkill but the do-gooders quickly slain any opposition swinging their sword of selfrighteousness.

The result of this legislation is we are all driving around with converters hanging on our exhaust pipes. This should be a major red flag for the greenies except they caused the problem so they are pretending it doesn’t exist.

The panic in the mid 70s was exhaust gases so the environmentalist wackos went ape shit over carbon monoxide. The result was catalytic converters being shoved up our tail pipes whether we liked it or not.

The function of the magic boxes under our cars is to convert Carbon Monoxide (CO) into Carbon Dioxide (CO2). CO2 being a harmless inert natural gas, the planet savers rallied that the worlds car emission issues would go away and it was all done in order to save the planet.

Of course the greenies are now playing chicken little with CO2!! We are causing Global Warming with CO2. The bullies forced the hand of government to require every car and truck to convert their exhaust into CO2, and now they are beating us over the head because we need laws to fight CO2 production…

The Environmentals also targeted aerosol cans and many other products. One of the gases they killed was Freon. We are most familar with it's use in airconditioners. Freon was used in the production of a lot of things with no suitable replacement to take it’s place.

There was a no exception policy put in place on the use of Freon. One of the many things effected was the production process of the heat shield tiles used on the space shuttles. The integrity of the tiles were weakened without using Freon during their production.

The greenies wouldn’t budge to allow limited use of Freon and as such that is when NASA begun having trouble with the tiles.

The seven shuttle astronauts were torn into confetti over New Mexico due to the failure of one of these tiles as the result.

Their deaths lay square in the hands of the zealots pushing the bullshit laws and the lawmakers and their zero tolerance policies.

Everyone was fearing the wrath of the Green people and their allies in the media.

Another big guilt powered movement was labeling paper bags as evil and not good for the environment. Anyone putting groceries in a paper bag was destroying the planet! Forests were being leveled and trees were running out! Without these trees we were running out of fresh air. A huge advertising blitz was rolled out bashing paper and promoting the use of plastic bags.

Plastic bags were going to save the forests! Before the green attack on paper bags there were no plastic grocery bags. They were created to save the planet!

People stood up and shouted that paper is a renewable resource and plastic is not biodegradable. These people were labels enemies of the state and silenced. Now we are being beat up over the use of plastic bags!!

Paper bags are now going to save the planet…

Now the reality that trees are being replanted to replace the cut down woods is outweighing the fact that the plastic bags are overflowing the landfills.

The environment activists gave us plastic bags…Now they taketh away.

I could keep on going but the point is clear. Much of what is now being labeled as problems to the environment was given to us by the same selfrighteous idiots that forced them on us.

I was speaking out against the Ozone Hole hoax then and that whole scam has now been exposed. Now the same idiots are screaming the sky is falling again and anyone willing to debate them are crushed by the well greased wheels of the Green Movement.

I watched these scam artists force the whole country into chevettes and pintos based on bullshit science and politicians forced to submit to them in fear like most of the two legged sheep walking the planet.

I hope there will be a Green backlash soon before our way of life is destroyed again by these morons.

Just as we are getting back into real cars again and people can stop worrying about their micro foot print on the planet, the save the planet Nazis are lighting their torches, grabbing the pitchforks and reinventing their crusade.