The Swords of Righteousness Brigade Theater Group

R Merle Lavengood 12/31/2005

It’s been a month now since the 4 “Christian peace activists” intentionally had themselves kidnapped in Baghdad. The support group behind them is making another world press release pleading for their safe release and more importantly getting all the press exposure they can for their cause.

I am suspicious of any group lumping Christianity and peace into one sentence. Christianity has been the most deadly and violent ideology on earth since the whole religion was made up. To use a religion that has tortured, murdered and ethnically cleansed hundreds of millions of people over the last several hundred years as a moral high ground to spout peace, love and understanding should be criminal in itself.

The conveniently multinational group of religious nuts has been missing for about 4 weeks now and the world shouldn’t care less.


The latest tactic in the anti-war movement is prearranged fake kidnappings


A perfect example is Kate Burton’s phony display of idiocy in the Gaza Strip.


I have had the good fortune of visiting the Gaza Strip several times years ago and have always found the people very friendly and genuine. As is always the case it’s the extremists that make life hard on the masses.

Let’s review how this new tactic works

  • Kate Burton and her family are Britons and are well known activists in defending the human rights of the Palestinian people.
  • Kate and her family wander around the Gaza Strip where they are warned they should not be.
  • They magically disappear at the hands of terrorists.
  • They become the hostages of an unknown and factitious terror cell.
  • The kidnappers make a tape available to Aljazeera spouting demands be met or a violent death will find the infidels. The absolute terror and fear can be seen in her eyes in the terrorist released photo above, NOT!…. I’ve seen more fear and horror expressed on a woman’s face upon realizing she ran out of tampons. I sure hope that designer sweater didn’t get wrinkled in the abuse and torture… It was nice of the terrorists to allow her to pack for the stay although the always stylish blindfold and torn clothing while on the floor at the killer’s feet would have been more believable. The terrorist organization’s flag in the back round would have been a nice touch instead of Holiday Inn’s hotel room wall. Maybe it was out being laundered by room service.
  • The Muslim Association of Britain pleaded for her release and surprise surprise her family walks out tanned and well rested, ready to use their new fame to further their cause that coincidentally is the same as their captors.
  • In the interviews the released hostages have nothing but praise for their captors. She thanks them for a good time and the very sweet Christmas Card left next to the mint on the pillow. A typical weekend at the In-Laws would be hell compared to their harrowing tale.

Kate is now using her school play of an ordeal to promote the Iraq version being staged by her friends and cohorts. “They said they hoped Briton Norman Kember and his colleagues, kidnapped in Iraq, to be freed soon.”

This brings us full circle to act II in Iraq


Briton Norman Kember, 74, Canadians James Loney, 41, and Harmeet Singh Sooden, 32, and Tom Fox, 54, of Clear Brook, Va., were abducted in Baghdad on Nov. 26.


All four were hooked up with the same religious nut jobs that staged the Gaza affair. All four are well known for supporting the Insurgency in Iraq.

Let us review again how this works

  • All four of the insurgent sympathizers refuse a military escort and repeatedly wander around a very dangerous part of Baghdad against the requests and orders of those in charge.
  • All magically disappear at the hands of terrorists.
  • They become the hostages of an unknown and factitious terror cell. The Swords of Righteousness Brigade Theater Group.
  • The kidnappers make a tape available to Aljazeera spouting demands be met or a violent death will find the infidels. Note the same afore mentioned horror and fear in their faces. Not a wrinkle in his dinner jacket but the tension is unbearable……..Even the same damn hotel room wall behind them!
  • "Many clerics and religious figures from the Arab and Muslim world have spoken over the past weeks of the good work they were doing in Iraq and that their organization has done in Palestine, and they have called for their release.

No news has emerged about the fate of the men since a group claiming responsibility for their capture imposed a Dec. 10 deadline for their execution.

This not only makes a mockery the efforts to free the Iraqi People but is an insult to the people of the world expected to swallow this charade. The insurgents are probably not amused in the whole game of using their images in a western political play. That could be why we haven’t heard from them since the deadline. The whole community playhouse troop may have got in over their head while pretending to be a new terror cell in the middle of a killing field of war lords in a turf war and have been murdered by the same people they naively felt compelled to speak for. That would be poetic justice in a strangely Shakespearian way and maybe a mediocre “made for TV movie“.

Their actions can be compared to the rational of buying shiny new leathers down at wal-mart and driving your Toyota over to the Hell’s Angel’s club house, barging in uninvited calling yourself a dangerous and deadly new motorcycle gang in town and thinking you and your pocket protector will make it out alive. Not a well thought out plan in either case.

Regrettably the only way to make the “thinking” masses not believe it is all a hoax is to have their heads roll down Main Street. Even that only proves they crossed people they had no business screwing with.

Rule Number 1 : Leave the terror to the terrorists!!!

Anyone found to be pulling crap like this should be locked up. This is no game and their blind faith devotion would be better spent in a "Jone’s Town" or "Heavens Gate" style nuttiness then out playing with the big boys in the real world. Those are real guns, real bullets and real death. The real terrorists can take care of their struggle on their own. They don’t need a bunch of do-gooder kum-by-ya westerners to push them aside and show them how to better do their job. They invented the tactic and know full well how to capture and kill without anybody’s help.

I feel that the real terrorists need to be hunted down and destroyed in punishment of all they have murdered but if they did catch up with “The Swords of Righteousness Brigade Theater Group” and killed them all…… I’ll give them a pass on that one.

Update 3/23/2006

Hostages Rescued

As everyone knows Tom Fox was missing in the last Faux Terrorist's video of the peace hostages. The descriptions of the video stated that the remaining three hostages looked relaxed and free of any visible stress.....

Then Tom showed up with a hole in his head along with about a hundred other people in the aftermath of a death squad attack. I feel bad for Tom but it was a risk he chose to take to pursue his agenda driven mission. He rolled the dice and lost. The same people he was trying to speak for killed him.

Hearing of Toms execution the remaining three peaceniks decided to cash in there chips and retreat from there position that has been on hold since the coalition forces called their bluff on the ransom demands.

Surprise Surprise!!! An anonymous tip lead the army right to their door step like they had called a cab. They were found inside with their bags packed watching TV, eating Ben and Jerry's and ready to go home. Not a shot fired or a terrorist of “The Swords of Righteousness Brigade Theater Group” to be found... How convenient!!!

Now they are fulfilling the final act of the whole charade as seen in the Kate Burton’s theatrical show. The three are bad mouthing the very troops that "freed" them and thanking the Imaginary terrorists and all the Muslim extremists for being kind and gracious hosts.

These guys were not worth the soldiers putting their lives on the line to pick up. After being lionized by the Lib Media they have vowed to go back to the same place in Iraq again and preach their religion of misdirection and short sighted madness.

Oh and one more thing.

I TOLD YOU SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!