The Terrorists Have Won

R.Merle Lavengood 11/22/10

The new onslaught of searches by the TSA has brought the country to a boiling point. The knee jerk reactions are predictable from the American people as well as the US government.

The White House is using the small scale threat of terrorism as an excuse to implement several large scale and otherwise unthinkable policies on the American population.

The first mistake the American masses make is not understanding the goals of Al-Qaida. Osama Bin  Laden has made his goals known over and over again. It is NOT to kill Americans, it is NOT to take over America by force, it is to make us chase our tails like idiots until we destroy ourselves.

He has told us to our face that his goals are to destroy us financially. The plan is to launch cheap little attacks in order to illicit large expensive responses. He needed to get the fears of the population fired up to then sit back and throw a cup of gas into the flame every year or two to keep the flame hot until America burns itself down.

The Twin Towers attacks of 1993 and 2001 were low cost operations with a huge effect per dollar ratio. The first attack used a van stuffed with enough chemicals to kill every man, woman and rat on the whole Manhattan Island.
The consequential fire was contained in the basement of the Towers and got so hot it incinerated the evil gasses before they escaped as planned. If the pita brothers driving the van had not fucked up the results would have been unthinkably worse than 911.

The cost of flying planes into the towers seven years later was minimal. Plan B worked like a charm and the machine was set in motion. We correctly felt rage and asked GW to kick someone’s ass. We didn’t care whose ass it was, any towel head would do.

From that point on we as a nation have been shoveling money we don’t have into that fire. The evil greed of government bureaucracies will be the fall of the US.
We are pouring huge borrowed dollars into two wars after an enemy that we aren’t allowed to really shoot at for fear of not being politically correct.

Our enemy has pushed the PC button and now if they put a few stoneagers in front of the enemy sniper dressed in civilian clothes our soldiers are nothing more than ducks at the shooting gallery.

Since our new “Muslim light” president put these “fight like a sissy” rules in place to make the enemy happy the American body count is at record levels.
These wars are designed by our enemies to be unwinnable money pits, and it’s working. We are begging money from the Chinese like drooling crack heads to fund this financial misdirection.

Either go in and get dirty or get out. Their plan is to leave us there bleeding cash until we die.

The latest tactic is working great. For every little $2 attack we spend billions building a better mouse trap to catch anyone trying it again. Osama Inc. is now sending members of the Muslim apple falafel gang on frivolous attacks meant to cost us billions in knee jerk security.

The shoe bomber was never meant to blow up a plane of people. It was meant to cause a massive new security policy annoying Americans and costing more money.

The lives that would have been lost on that flight would have no effect on toppling the American Empire but the costs associated with searching shoes has put a big hole in the side of our already sinking ship. Every time a flyer takes off their shoes before boarding  a plane a Muslim Extremist gets his wings.

Then came proof that Osama has a sense of humor. He got a minion to get caught with the fabled underwear bomb.

The cost of having the butt bomb fail has cost America billions of dollars and has provided the Muslim world with a good laugh watching the land of the free get stripped searched for the world to see.

We now see the Ink Toner bombs doing the same damage without even a spark.

Since the turn of the century (2000-2010) there have been 105,337,823 domestic flights in the US. Of those, 4 have been taken out by terrorists all on the same day. That works out to be a risk factor of a one in 5,815,836 chance of your airline going down by an explosive penal pack. Yet we have to submit EVERY American boarding a flight to sexual assault.

Your chance of being hit by lightning is one in 280,000. That’s almost 20 times higher than having your plane blown up by a terrorist, yet the government isn’t out installing lightning rods to protect us or frisking us for metal umbrellas. More people die of lightning than terrorists yet where is the outrage?

An average of 660 people die every year falling out of bed or chairs meaning you have a one in 423,528 odds of dying getting up in the middle of the night to pee. That’s almost 14 times the chances of dying by Islamist Extremist yet the government doesn’t require seatbelts at the kitchen table….yet.

I can’t help but think that the next bomb will be stuck up Abdul’s ass and the fire button will be a finger length past his bung hole. It will also coincidently not go off correctly like the last attacks and spur the next security detail of requiring mandatory deep prostate exams at the airports. They already have the gloves, all they need is government issued mining hats and lights.

The concentration on aircraft is a red flag. An attack on any sports stadium would be much deadlier and amazingly easy to pull off with the lack of serious security. The difference is that there aren’t 617,977,711 people streaming through the gates annually as there are domestic fliers. A sports attack would be easier and far more deadly BUT the long term results would not be as costly financially.

If any of the air attacks had been successful we would not know where the bomb was hidden and that is where the damage results. We were meant to have that information to make the plan work.

Remember the smirks on the face of the shoe and undies bombers? Those weren’t the looks of someone that failed. It was the look knowing they won and we aren’t even smart enough to know it.

The bad guys sudden string of failed attacks since the changing of the guard in Washington has to be questioned. We are to believe that the evil masterminds are suddenly unable to light a firecracker correctly. Or are they taking advantage of the bigger government and more control socialist attitude of the White House.

In May of 1972 I flew into the Lod Airport in Tel Aviv right on the heels of the largest airport terrorist attack in history. All of the profiling and groin searches in the world didn’t stop it. I’ve been there and done that and don’t take it lightly.

The latest wave of airport attacks have all been far more successful than any in history without shedding a drop of blood and the American public are too pompous to see it.


©R M Lavengood