Wigger for President

R. Merle Lavengood 7/24/08


This election is historic because for the first time a “Black Man” is the Democratic nominee. Several African Americans have run for President in the past with little or no chance of attaining the nod from the major parties.

The Dems have a long history of holding blacks back from positions of power and are very careful of who they promote in Washington.All the past black Democratic presidential candidates such as Shirley Chisholm in 1972 or Jesse Jackson in 1984 were too black for the party that voted against freeing the slaves, against black citizenship, against black voting rights, and against reparations in the 1860s and against civil rights for blacks in the 1960s.

With the militant liberal minority MoveOn.org taking control of the Democratic party through their generous grants and donations the party has been hijacked. Not having any real heavy weights to front this election the party instead went for the gimmick candidates.

Bowing down to the MoveOn.org out of fear of losing their cash cow the minority tickets were concocted. Thus the conflict of interest was born. How to promote a black person for office without actually backing a real black man.

They had to find a not too black man that was experienced at passing himself off as a black man through a series of well presented smoke and mirrors. They knew that even middle American Democrats would balk at electing what is perceived as a black man with a black agenda. After searching for someone kinda-sorta black and with little political past to examine, they found Barack.

A man with little or no black upbringing, no slavery blood (His paternal ancestors were actually American slave owners!) and little or no political history. This would allow the image making machine to invent a man that doesn’t exist to woo the voters and make the MoveOn.org folks happy.

The Democrats created a cross between Sidney Portier and an Oreo Cookie. The only thing Barack has in common with most of the meat and potatoes black population of this country is his black father abandoned him as a child also. He was raised by his Asian stepfather and white mother.

Growing up in Indonesia and Hawaii with the other white kids does not qualify you as the black messiah. Choosing as an adult to use the race card to help your political career does not qualify you as the black messiah.

Hanging out with wealthy African American elites to earn street cred does not qualify you as the black messiah.Barack is so far out of touch with the life and times of the average American black family that he still enters the room yelling“DynoMITE!!!!”.

The only hitch in the facade at this point is his lovely wife Michelle. She has proudly not allowed herself to be manipulated into the Democrat's house nigger mold.

I respect her for that but her campaign handlers have now hired a new speech writer and are doing a complete makeover of her image. They are hoping to hide her being an authentic outspoken black woman in fear it will scare off the middle of the road Mid-western white voter.

Michelle will be forced to the back of the bus as the campaign moves forward to hide her continuing history of anti-America, anti-white, always the victim statements and speeches of how the white man has kept her down as she struggled through a life of racism and discrimination.

Michelle was denied the same opportunities and future all us white kids get so she was forced to settle on attending the Princeton and Harvard Law Schools and becoming a world famous multi-millionaire on the brink of being the most powerful woman in the world married to the President of the United States. Poor Baby!!

White people should be ashamed of themselves for holding her back from achieving her full potential….In short she is too black for middle America and will be toned down. The move has already started with her being left behind on the Europe/Asia photo opt tour recently.

Barack was picked because he is not black enough to scare middle America. He has carefully taken on the image of being a “non-threatening negro”. These guys are usually found doing the weather reports on local TV stations that are looking for diversity without the controversy.

Personally I think if the Democrats are going to pound the drums that they are nominating a black man than do it. This wishy washy Uncle Remis zip-a-dee-doo-daa bluebird on my shoulder fake crap is insulting. Put someone real like Dr. Condoleezza Rice or former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer up there and let's dance. I have no problem voting for a black candidate if I agree with their values …..So far neither party has shown me one in 08.