War for Oil

R Merle Lavengood

I keep reading articles about or by people complaining that the Iraqi war was (is) about oil. The liberal media (I don't care where you stand you have to see the bias) has pushed this message from day one. The same media that falls over itself to run stories about how vulnerable different sites are to attack from terrorist. Let's bake a cake for them too while we do their homework and find our weaknesses, just to sensationalize the issue for a few rating points. As you may have guessed by now my view is....Shut the f up.

The main role of the government is to preserve our way of life, right or wrong. The main ingredient to this is oil. Let the lights go out, microwaves stop, TV's go black, the stores go empty and the cars sit stranded and the whole country would revolt on Washington wanting heads to roll. Without oil most of the population of the northern half of the US would freeze and die in days during the winter. The riots would kill untold numbers in this country. Look at the damage we do just because a sports team wins a championship in our town. Everything you wear, eat and do is in some way provided to you by oil. Having this needed energy source controlled by anti-American interests is a threat to our way of life, like it or not !

Do I think it's about oil? Not on the surface but the oil problem defiantly helped tip the scales of decision whether to go in or not. I'm happy we got Sadam out of office. Anyone that didn't see the threat he posed to the world and us is hiding behind their pretty little middle American shield where bad things only happen to others on the nightly news. I lived in the middle east as a young man and know first hand that the religious fanatics in the Arab world can reach out and bite you no matter where you are.

But that is not the point of this rant. The point is .....What if it is only about oil ! Not having a steady supply of oil will destroy this country faster than a scud missile full of the ugliest chemical nasties anyone can throw at us !! so Shut the fuck up.

If it's all about oil then it's all about keeping you happy and alive! Count me in, count your blessings and stop sounding like the naive spoiled American you are. Shut the fuck up.