Pelosi is Un-American

R. Merle Lavengood 4/02/09

On March 7th our Master Bitch in Charge Pelosi made a speech apologizing for the actions taken by the Immigration Dept to combat the massive Illegal Immigration issue in the US.
She told the National Family Unity tour led by leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus her feelings are that arresting illegals for deportation that separates them from their families is “un-American”. She even apologizes for not speaking the language of the fence jumpers like a good liberal should.
What she is really saying is that she will say and do anything to keep the Hispanic vote in the Democrat box. She doesn't truly give a rat'+s ass about a dad being arrested in this country and stripped of his family.

If she truly believed the crap she spews then her and Obama wouldn’t immediately shut down any talk of decriminalizing Marijuana. The government has harassed and destroyed countless families while pursuing the prohibition of weed in this country.Our government even harasses any other country that considers legalization of the plant.
The treatment of Americans over a popular plant is out of control. The punishment for a “drug” should never be worse than the consequences of its use.

Yet families and lives are daily ruined by marijuana laws in this country. Even worse is the practice of conning people’s own children while in grade school to turn in their own parents for smoking weed resulting in the arrest and loss of one or both parents.
Let’s recap Washington’s position on what’s un-American and what’s acceptable when destroying families.


Arresting an illegal alien for breaking immigration laws, then deporting his ass back to Mexico. There his parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, ex-girlfriends and a whole donkey load of inbred relatives will greet him with cheer.

People from miles around will come to shower Pedro with love. The whole neighborhood will round up all the stray animals they can find to make tacos and the tequila will flow freely until the last man is standing.

Then after the next day’s siesta he will hop the fence and catch a greyhound home in time for dinner.
Pedro’s total punishment for illegally entering this country is a weekend reunion at his parents, a sugar buzz from all the piñata candy, the cost of a bus ticket, three days away from his family and a bad case of the ole’ cat taco two step.


Kicking down the door and arresting a hard working productive American parent for having a joint in his sock drawer.

Forever causing a lifelong trauma and guilt in a six year old for believing the school cop that she would be doing her parents a favor by reporting them to the school for arrest.

Putting dad into prison for years to be ass-raped, beaten and becoming a large black man named Buck’s “bitch”. His having to perform oral sex on other men nightly for his own safety. Then the Feds seize his home, bankrupt his wife with legal fees and fines forcing the grieving family into the street homeless.
Bob’s total punishment for owning a joint illegally in this country is a bloody ass and a black eye while wearing lipstick and getting pimped for cigarettes on C block. He is forcibly separated from his children for 15 years while they learn to call another man dad.

If Pelosi was really concerned about destroying families she would rally against the assinine marijuana laws in this country rather than the Immigration and Customs laws. If the Democrats viewed the millions of peaceful Americans that enjoy a harmless puff of weed now and then a major voting bloc there would be politicians handing out rolling papers and bongs during elections.

The love affair the Dems have with Illegal aliens in this country shows what vote whores they really are. Obama has put a La Raza supporter in charge of the borders and is giving illegals preferential treatment and free health care before American in hopes of securing long term power through the massive voting power of people that are here illegally.

When it comes to a choice between giving the illegal fence jumper a free bus ride to the Rodriguez Family's Burrito Bash or giving an American citizen a cold prison cell and Bubba up his Bunghole….. My pity lies with the US citizen and loving father being stripped from his family for the crime of kicking back on a Saturday afternoon and unwinding from the work week with a doobie in the sanctity of his living room.