Ding Dong the Crip is Dead...

R Merle Lavengood 12-14-05


The state of California has done the right thing in executing Tookie Williams. He had many supporters that fought to the end to save him. Some felt it was wrong on a racial level. Some felt it was wrong on a justice level. Some felt it was wrong on a religious level. Some felt it was wrong on a social level and are just plain anti-capital punishment.

I respect the anti-capital punishment crowd. The claim that execution is a deterrent has been shown to have no basis in fact. When a person has enough rage or mindset to kill, the consequences of that action has long since been lost in the chaos of the brain.

There is also the problem with over zealous prosecutors in this country that are fueled by the need to win cases over the need to find the truth. In the court system a win over rides the truth.

That problem is why 122 people on death row (at the time of writing this piece) have been released after finding DNA proved their innocence and the prosecutors have ruined their lives in a quest to win all in hopes of looking tough on crime in the next election

I have never thought in depth about the election VS the appointment of Prosecuting attorneys but as I write this it occurs to me that being a political post earned by election is like throwing gas on the fire and asking for attack dog mentalities and courts that are willing to hide evidence that would help a person prove his innocence

Capital punishment only serves as social revenge. Kill one or all of a person's family and me, you or any honest anti-capital punishment would find anything less unacceptable.

The thought of the killer being awarded a life of color TV, work out centers and tax payer provided room and board until release to the “world” would grind most people to sleep every night with the last image as they fall to sleep being the murder of their loved one.

The feelings of anyone who lost a loved one that has to watch the purp walk free for good behavior has to be indescribable. Under the “things you should never put in print” heading, should I ever be put in that position the target would live large for a couple of years till I’m off the radar then one dark rainy night they won’t make it from the front door to the car and I will sleep just fine.

A psychotic thought?…no, a natural human reaction that crosses everyone’s mind in that situation. The only variable is mindset and ability. The people opposing execution due to religious reasons are the most hypocritical people on the protest line.

To say it goes against the teachings of the Bible is the most indefensible stance in the debate. The Bible is so full of God sanctioned murders, slavery and volumes of wrong doings "by the hand of God and Christ" that the only people that would raise it as defense is someone that has never truly read it.

Beyond the standard “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” the Bible is full of capital punishment. Genesis 19 saw God execute the whole cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for its sins (a Biblical site near the Dead Sea that I have visited)..... But execution is wrong.

Leviticus 20 states clearly that if a man has sex with his daughter in law, or his wife’s mother or a long list of women semi related to him that not just him but both parties must be killed.... But execution is wrong!

Deuteronomy states that If your brother, son, daughter, wife, or friend tries to get you to worship another god, "thou shalt surely kill him, thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death.".... But execution is wrong!

A tolerant religion my ass.This rant is to short to spend on the hours of execution and murder ordered by God so I will leave it with that. As with most Bible based protests it is carried out by people that have never actually read the book.

If you ever want to meet a person that has read a Bible, don’t look to the church full of people on Sunday because you won’t find any. Ask an Atheist. Atheists study and learn in defense of blind faith idiots that know not of what they speak.

Tookie founded the Crips gang. Even if he did not murder those four people in cold blood, the army he formed have murdered so many people that he should be held to answer for the social injustice caused by his creation.

Just is LA alone the gang has 24,000 members and it has branched out into all of America, killing and raping its way to power. But bleeding heart libs will hold up a children’s book Tookie Boy wrote and cry he is an asset to society, Bullshit.

The media only published a picture of an old looking head shot of gang boy that looked like he should have a bluebird on his shoulder and Zippitydoda playing in the background.

Only after he lost all hope of a life line from the Gov did we see his overly muscular angry and scary true appearance. The Angry violent side was seen in the pics and the true personality was discussed by prison personal only after the liberal media lost all hope of kissing Tookie ass.

In my younger days I never joined a “gang” although I was close friends, rode with and lived with many bike gang members and saw the ugly side of the culture. One thing I came away with is realizing that there are a lot of ugly things that happen through the ranks that are dictated from the leaders, although they never suffer the spot light of the act committed by the soldiers of the gang.

Even if tookie boy never committed those murders he is still so dirty for the crimes committed by the Crips that he should have been burned at the stake per the Bible he held tight to his breast in hopes of being given salvation.

Execution should be carried out only in the extreme case. When there is no doubt that person "A" was witnessed killing person "B" by person "C" or other solid evidence. Not jury #34 wants to go home early to watch survivor’s final episode.... so lets fry him and get home before the show starts.

In Tookie’s case he needed to be wired up and fried right from the start. I'm sure Pay Per View would have covered the cost! Capital punishment should only be in extreme cases where there is no chance of a mistake. The fact that DNA has proven that over 122 People have been wrongfully put in prison much less death row screams that the system needs to be revamped.

Over zealous prosecuting attorneys need to be held accountable for their politically fueled rampages. But to use the 122 innocent people argument in this case by the protesters and the left-wing press is wrong .

Founding the Gang that is systematically destroying people’s lives across this country is grounds enough to fry.When there is NO DOUBT of guilt the method of execution should match the method used in the murder. If you beat granny to death with a hammer….You die by hammer! . Shoot a 7-11 dude in the back with a 12 gauge... you die by double barrel buckshot. None of this pansy ass painless injection crap.

Children’s book or not……Burn Baby Burn!!!!!