That's No Man Baby!!

R. Merle Lavengood 4/5/2008

I think much of the world is fed up with the coverage of the non-event of the “pregnant man”. This freak show is milking all the attention she can before having her baby. This lesbo-circus freak is the parade queen of the gay/transgender community.

 As the incubator with an accessory penis makes her rounds through the liberal media machine the public is encouraged to stand in awe of the miracle of a man having a baby.

The glorification of everything gay/lesbo has hit new lows with this publicity stunt.

The country has been deluged with buttloads of TV sitcoms written around one or more gay people flitting around the screen screaming “look at me, I’m special”. Public schools are teaching faggotdom with the mandatory reading of gay story books like “The two princes” or “Johnnie has two daddies” in grade school whether the child’s parents object or not. Everything is becoming gay oriented. I’m all for living your life any way you want but against having anything gay forcibly shoved down people’s throat against their will. The gay and trans-dicked agenda has predictably jumped on this psycho-circus with a vengeance to push their genetically challenged agenda..

First thing that makes me want to send this chick back to the trailer park is her insistence that she is a man. The second thing that drives my disgust is the media’s insistence to revel in a “man” having a baby.


The whole sham has been elevated by this attention whore into a plot that is obviously intended to keep her in the talk show and magazine loop and to artificially whip up a book and movie deal.

The latest of this non-news is her appearance on TV when he/she tells Oprah 'people may try to kill my baby'. Tracy LaGondino/Thomas Beatie, the former beauty pageant queen, who conceived hey baby through artificial insemination, confessed on TV that many people see her as a "freak" due to the pregnancy. Hmmm lets see, a beauty queen lops off her tits and has a dick stapled on…. Why would people find that strange?

 She had the sex change operation but decided to keep her reproductive organs intact. That means this "man" was having monthly periods..... I am no expert but I don't think Playtex markets a tampon that is "strong enough for a man, but made for a women".

Let’s get real about this whole fiasco, this is a non-event that has only become an event by the wants of the mom to be rich and famous. A chick with an artificially attached penis has a baby it is still just a chick having a baby, albeit a mentally troubled chick having a soon-to-be mentally troubled baby.

Just because a whacko chick pinned a dick on doesn’t make her a man no matter how many liberal Judges in San Francisco say differently.

By example duct taping a Porsche hood ornament on the front of a beat up old school bus does not make it a Porsche. I don’t care how many gay bus parades are held it is still an old crappy school bus. I don’t care how many bleeding hearts insist that a hood ornament magically turns a rusty old school bus into a shiny Porsche it is still just a crappy old bus. I don’t care if you add Porsche decals and a flame paint job to it, it will always be nothing more than an old bus with an incorrect hood ornament bungeed to the hood. Knowing it is a bus thus does not make the fact it can hold 50 screaming rugrats a miracle nor is it worthy of world headlines spouting that a Porsche was able to hold 50 kids.

Likewise just because Tracy glued a leftover penis on herself it does not make her a “man”. And the fact her rusty old womb was intentionally fertilized by a doctor with a jar of cum outta the freezer and an old rubber hose does not warrant any notoriety. This freak show is not a miracle! It’s the result of a long string of bad decisions by an obviously deranged woman. If there is any need for public concern it should be for the welfare of the bastard child that is being born into the self-serving hell hole the mother has willingly dug for this baby.