$10 a Gallon? I Dare You!!

R. Merle Lavengood 4/29/2008


The old proverb “those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it” rings true when it comes to the current phony oil shortage. Just as in the 70s we are suffering the effects of a contrived gas shortage as a small group of Arab nations enjoy making the world grovel and beg at their feet.

The bleeding heart hippies didn't want to get our feet muddy by drilling into our own oil reserves to prevent the middle east from having the ability to choke us into submission again. They did not learn from history's lessons and have doomed us to another round of self inflicted dependence on our cultural enemies.

For over 30 years every effort to prevent this problem from ever happening again and break our dependence on foreign oil has been blocked by an army of liberal organization's lawyers. Next time you pay $67 dollars to fill your tank, thank a liberal.

 The Arabs have cut back oil production voluntarily and thus made the demand increase allowing them to demand a higher price. This whole scam involves futures and speculators and a camel load of

smoke and mirrors intended to keep the masses feeling powerless, confused and ignorant.

Regardless of how the scam is run the fact is that the cost of production is a constant and has no relation to the price of a barrel of oil. It takes just as many towel-heads to pump out a barrel of $120 oil now as it did at a $60 barrel a year ago. Just because the camel jockeys laid off a production shift doesn’t make the production cost of a barrel of oil rise one sheckle.

When GM lays off third shift they don’t double the cost of the cars made on the remaining shifts. If the markets provides the opportunity for more sales they add the shift back on and make even more money by selling more autos.

The sand merchants have decided that they can lay off second and third shift, triple the price and still make the profit of three shifts with only the overhead of one shift.

I work sixty hours a week. If I decided that I now want to only work twenty hours a week thus making my time in more demand so I expect my employer to triple my pay I would find myself without a job very quickly as my boss could easily replace me with someone more than willing to work a full week at my normal pay. That’s the effect of competition in the market place.

There is no competition in the oil field due to the OPEC monopoly. We hold the key to this problem just offshore of our coastlines and in the remotes of Alaska but a small group of fanatics would sooner see the fall of our country that see an oil well interfere with a caribou during sex.

With the price of gas approaching $4 the sight of people stranded on the freeway hiking with a gas can has become a daily norm. The citizens of this country are becoming fed up with the lifestyle change as the added cost of transportation is eating into their budgets.

To add insult to injury, the same assholes that have preached about the hunger crisis in the world for decades have now thrown the boney little African kids under the bus, flies and all, in favor of their newfound religion of Biofuels.

This hypocrisy has caused food riots world wide and is raising the cost of food through the use of the same magical supply and demand razzle-dazzle speculator math the oil barons are using.

Bundle that together with the even higher cost of diesel needed to get everything to the mass consumer and you end up with a lot of people struggling to survive and becoming desperate.

There are many experts writing papers suggesting gas prices of $10 a gallon are possible before the end of summer. $10 a gallon because Abdul won’t turn the oil well's spigot back up to the normal amount of flow. Not due of something out of their control but because they are intentionally kicking the world in the nuts and laughing in our face.

The shortsighted Liberals of this once strong nation have whined since the start of the Iraqi war that George Bush went to war for oil. As I have written before, if we went to war for oil that suits me just fine. Without a secure source of oil America won't last two months. If we need to go to war to ensure this country's future than I find that a noble fight.

We have two choices, drill and access our own oil supplies or send our young men off to die fighting for access to someone else's oil. Since the liberal lefties have formed environmental lobbies that block using our own vast oil supplies that leaves us no options except sending troops off to the desert to kill and be killed to get foreign oil. Even against the loud protests from the same morons that block the use of American oil.

The liberal Democrats have chosen a coarse of national destruction and are pointing fingers of blame at everyone but themselves. The politics of oil is neither friendly or pretty. No matter how you do it some feelings will be hurt. If the little girlie feelings of the left are going to make them cry at the sight of the real world, they need to go back to their Barbie like dream land and let the grown-ups take care of the hard problems.

I also predict that $10 a gallon might be just what this country needs to wake up the weak and rally this country against a common enemy. At that price the semi-trucks will stop, food will run out, the cars will be stranded in the roadways and middle America will begin to resemble a Mad Max movie within a couple of weeks starting with the always popular looting in the ghettos then moving out to the suburbs.

The whole point of the contrived oil shortage is to humble the world and bring us to our knees begging for our very existence. The only question is how far will the dictators of the oil go before they feel they have achieved their goal and the world has bloodied our knees enough. They have the ability to conquer the world without even firing a shot if we wait too long to respond.

The muslim word has failed to destroy the American lifestyle through terrorism and war but stands to gain complete control of our daily lives through their ability to choke our oil imports off at will.

I don't think it will take much more than $6 or $7 dollars a gallon to start regional Katrina like outbreaks and anything more than that will spark a total breakdown in the system.

When the cost of heating oil this coming winter starts producing dead gramma-cicles this country will rally in protest. But as soon as the nightly news begins to focus on children freezing to death because only the rich can afford heat the people will demand some action and the taboo of “war for oil” will suddenly become this country's battle cry.

Americans will pass the hat around until we have enough money to top off the tanks of the B-52s that we will use to carpet bomb Arabia right into Muslim hell. and it will be done in the name of "the children" who will be starving to death in the South and freezing to death in the North.

If the Arab nations want to see the paper tiger population of this country suddenly sprout claws, just force the price of gas to $10 a gallon….I Double Dog Dare You!!!

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