Saddam on a Rope

R. Merle Lavengood 2-21-2007

Now that the lefties have moved on to their next crisis du jour of Bush bashing I think it’s time to review the trial and execution of Saddam Hussien.

Saddam was President from 1979 to 2003. In that time he waged a personal war against anyone he felt any type of resistance from within Iraq. He executed, tortured and gassed his way to power in such a violent way that the reports of the mass graves and genocide seem hard to believe.

Yet there is a large group of people here in this country that are able to ignore the mass murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent people by a mad dictator and protest Saddam’s hanging because the crimes committed by Saddam’s regime take a back seat to their perceived larger crime of having a Republican in the White House.

While waving signs that Bush is a bigger dictator than Saddam and denouncing the trial and execution of a crazed madman they have emboldened the people that want us dead and insulted the people whose lives have been destroyed by years of dictatorship of Iraq.

  There is a whole class of people in the US that are so bitter that their candidate did not win not one but the last two presidential elections that they can justify within their head that there are

no evils in the world greater than the popularly elected president of the opposing political party.

Let’s just take one of the lesser of the crimes Saddam is being tried on and review the Liberal mindset.

On July 8, 1982, Saddam Hussein was visiting the town of Dujail (50 miles north of Baghdad) when a small group of Dawa militants shot at his motorcade. In reprisal for this assassination attempt, the entire town was punished. More than 140 fighting-age men were rounded up and executed.

Approximately 1,500 other townspeople, including the children, were rounded up and taken to prison to be tortured. The town itself was destroyed and all the houses were bulldozed and demolished.

This alone to a right thinking person is enough to be tried on for a murder charge or two but not in the leftie’s agenda of Bush hating. Bush and every democratic politician on record made the decision to go in and remove Saddam but now that he has been captured and brought to trial the dems have decided that a Republican getting the credit for the removal of Saddam is worse than Saddam’s mass murders.

Just as a comparison if Ronald Reagan had used the same method against the innocent people of Washington DC after his assassination attempt in 1981, I think the same lefties would have expected Reagan removed from power and a murder trial. But as quickly as you can say Chappaquiddick the libs can justify or ignore anything to further their attempts to total domination of American politics.

I support the execution of Saddam and even find the choice of hanging too lenient. Many of the same people that complain that America shouldn’t try to make everyone else just like us are now complaining that Iraq’s execution of Saddam wasn’t up to American standards.

It’s their country, their system.

  If you recall one of the first finds after invading Baghdad was a giant wood-chipper/grinder poised on the bank of the Tigris River used for Saddam ordered executions. The victim would be fed onto the spinning teeth and as he is ground up in front of his family the bloody slew would be sprayed out across the river.
This would have been the more fitting end to a despot than a dark smelly room manned by a small group of men calling him names. Just feed him in feet first and let the party begin!!

As it is right now the liberal media has buried the successful removal and execution of Saddam from the media cycle in fear someone may catch on that Bush achieved his goals as promised in removing Saddam from power and bringing him to justice. Such a revelation would hamper the press’ indictment of the Republicans for carrying out an action in Iraq originally supported by the Clinton regime and every Democrat in power at the time. But as quickly as you can say Chappaquiddick ….