Donald H Rumsfeld, American Hero

R. Merle Lavengood 12/12/08

A report released Thursday by leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee said top Bush administration officials, including Donald H Rumsfeld, the former defense secretary, bore major responsibility for the abuses committed by American troops in interrogations at Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba and other military detention centers.

I personally feel Mr. Rumsfeld should be honored as a great American hero! He had the guts and foresight to understand how to handle a tough situation and took the necessary actions to protect this country. He knows we are up against a brutal enemy that views anything less than a drastic response from their foes as sign of weakness.

Rumsfeld has been attacked by the “hate Bush” regime ever since the media found out we were properly using Water Boarding to extract information from enemy combatants. The Libs are horrified that we would take people that cut American civilians heads off on camera and use Saran Wrap and a gallon of bottled water on them!

Or have sexy young women strip to their bra and panties in front of them while being questioned! Or have a dog lick them unmercifully! Such barbaric treatment of our prisoners. Poor babies!

These assholes sit in their cells mixing bowls of shit and piss together and throw it on our soldiers bringing them food and prayer mats and that is acceptable but if they are shown a girl in a bikini it is deemed out or order and torture…

That’s not torture! It happens here in the states every day, it’s called a lap dance! The only torture connected with that action is the $20 the little whores want for a 3 minute dance!

Dogs barking at the terrorists is torture? These pussies wouldn’t last two minutes in the back room of a humane society or dog pound!

Saran Wrap stretched across their face to keep water out of their mouth while the jihad bastard has a bottle of Aquafina poured on his face is torture? That’s not torture, that’s not even worthy of a frat house hazing!

There isn’t anything that was done to these guys that even left a bruise or a mark, not even a scratch! The old TV show Fear Factor would have passed on everything used to make these killers talk because it is so boring and weak.

Compare Fear Factor and Abu Ghraib. Given the choice which one would you chose?

  1. Abu Ghraib: Babe walks in front of you in her bra
  2. Fear Factor: Have to be bitten by snakes before filling a blender with worms to puree and drink.

or another example...

  1. Abu Ghraib: Forced to listen to loud Britney Spears music for 24 hours.
  2. Fear Factor: Have to eat a live Camel Spider.

Ok, you might have a point on the 2nd example but the fact still remains that we are dealing with a culture that takes punishment seriously.

The prisoner's objective is to have Shari’a law imposed on the world by any means necessary. An Islamic Shari'a Court that has women stoned or shot to death for adultery. In contrast to American Courts that punish women for adultery by awarding them the house, car, children and a monthly income that the victimized husband is forced to provide under threat of prison…

A Shari’a Court where shoplifting is punished by chopping off the hand and or feet of the accused.

A Shari’a Court where listening to the Beatles will result in being condemned to a lashing until you're are bloody and unconscious.

These animals are willing to die to force this upon us yet if we make them stand naked with a bag over their head we are the barbarians…

Bullshit! America has lost its backbone that made us great. We as a whole have become fat and complacent. Too many Americans think that if they sit on the couch and just watch football all weekend the world’s problems will leave us alone. We need to fight fire with fire before it is too late.

The bottom line is this….

Iran has stated they are prepared to lose 3 million of their soldiers to conquer America. We have made it clear that we are not willing to lose 4 thousand of our troops to save our country from the threat of the middle east… Checkmate Iran!

Unless we get serious, Iran has already won because America has become so soft and bloated we are not willing to get dirty even if it is to save our own lives.

Our only hope of survival is from strong willed men like Donald Rumsfeld that haven’t lost the American steel and grit that allowed this great country to persevere when all looked lost in WWII.

Great men willing to look our enemies in the eye and spit in their face.

Our future as a free nation does not lie in men like Senator Carl Levin or Nancy Polosi who would rather drop on bended knee and beg forgiveness from the Hitlers of our time as our borders are overrun with the enemies of the state and America as we know it is destroyed.