Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

R Merle Lavengood 11/17/05


African American Terrorists stuck again today (10-15-2005) in Toledo Ohio as they have in many American cities over the years.

A Neo-Nazi group of 14 idiots received permission to hold a legal parade through a northern Toledo neighborhood in protest of the Black gangs that have taken over the mostly Polish neighborhood using violence and intimidation.

Before the parade even started the black gangs organized a violent protest against the Nazi’s position that the gangs are violent. A good rule of thumb….When your position and actions against Nazis make the Nazis look civilized, polite and passive, it's time to regroup and rethink your position and response level.

The protest consisted of the usual several hundred "African American Terrorists" attacking the American people while screaming for sympathy, understanding and anything free. The tried and true method of inner-city black expression, rioting and looting. Followed by burning their neighborhood's businesses, beating helpless locals and stoning the local homes. No different than an Iraqi terrorist strapping on bombs and blowing up fellow Iraqi families on a busy city street.

As barbaric and primitive as it sounds, it has proven effective over the last 50 years in this country. If it works why change it? Burn your neighbor’s house and wait for the bleeding heart politically correct idiots of local government to apologize, make campaign speeches and point blame at the most convenient scapegoat they can find.

Never blame the looting black men…That could cause more riots and more importantly cost some black votes. There is always an easier target. Pick the white scapegoat of your choice and hope the burning and looting stops. Providing nothing more than a Band-Aid over the real and often self-imposed problems of the black inner-city youth.

It doesn’t take much to ignite the "African American Terrorists". The normal catalyst is something as simple a black man making bad choices and suffering a fatal consequence from his own actions.

Just one example happened two years ago when a young black man choosing to be chased by black police officers in the western Michigan cities of St.Joseph/Benton Harbor crashed his motorcycle into a house shortly after escaping the cops pursuit and was killed by his own decisions and actions.

The punishment of the noninvolved white man for this black mans choice of death? The community suffered two days of looting, shooting, violence and burning.

There was nothing unusual to that particular riot, Just the normal run of the mill pointless ultra-violence. If the Black community doesn't support these idiots burning their homes then they need to stand up and say enough is enough. Toledo has a history of "African American Terrorist" attacks along with LA, St Louis, Detroit, New Orleans and all major cities with a large black population.

Today the 14 Evil Nazis where asked by police before their parade protesting black gang violence to cancel their parade due to black gang violence. They agreed and all went home quietly.

Not good enough for the frenzied black masses!!! Whitey must be punished! The local stores must be looted and burned!!! The local home owners must be ravaged!! Local property MUST be destroyed to show the outrage that anyone would suggest that there is a Violent Black Youth Problem in urban America!! “Those evil white guys caused this…yeah that’s right….it was whitey's fault…Parade or not!

Looting and burning their own neighborhood was their only recourse. Twelve police officers were injured. Several businesses looted and burned. Local residents beaten with clubs and bricks. Stand back and watch the weak and cowering political machine roll out the rewards for these idiot's actions.

Like the war on Terror overseas, we have to learn to not cave in and support these type of attacks. Where is the incentive to not burn your grandma's house and rob and steal from innocent people in a racial temper tantrum.

When you get a shiny new stolen TV along with a hug from bleeding heart politicians, national attention and a mass payoff of tax dollars to programs making the poor black community even more dependent on handouts. All to appease the misdirected feeding frenzy of violent greed disguised as anger.

America as a whole, white, black, green, yellow and purple need to stand up and say enough is enough! There is only one answer to this problem

Stand our ground and not give in to this type of attacks. Stop jailing innocent white police officers and other white scapegoats to make the problem go away in the short term. Stop throwing good money behind bad into failed entitlement programs to make the liberal press go away happy but only encouraging more dependency, poverty and riots. Pursue and prosecute every rioting idiot that can be identified.

The victim gang mentality is being used against the good honest hard working people of this country on a regular basis by a small part of black America. As an organized group or a lone action it can be a lucrative action.

Ask celebrity multimillionaire Rodney King what he did in that first 45 minutes of the famous video that the bleeding heart Judges won’t allow America to watch or let the jury see that worked so well in earning him the title of victim. We need to learn from the winners of the system.

On a side note I find it interesting that the ACLU has no interest in demanding the release of the unseen 45 minutes of the Rodney video leading up to the police incident but is willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court to release the remaining Abu Grais photos and videos so enemies of this country can use them against the citizens of the U.S.A….

Obligatory white person disclaimer: I know that the rioter/looter mentality represents a small fraction of a percent of the black population of this country. An extreme few, creating and prolonging negative black stereotypes and affecting the quality of life of proud black Americans. The point of this rant is, it's not a black or a white problem...It's an American problem we have to tackle together. Fight stupidity and not let the leaches of our society hide behind the race card.