R Merle Lavengood 3/10/06

Last week four male Disney World employees were accused of gang raping another female Disney worker in Florida. The trauma and violent abuse this poor girl was put through at the hands of these animals made national news and was a tragedy! These predators need to be severely punished and locked up for a long time.

The victim told investigators she was walking home to her apartment late Saturday night when she was confronted by four men who ``grabbed her by the arms and carried her'' into an apartment shared by the men, according to the incident report.

When the victim tried to leave, the suspects forced her onto the sofa, “removed her clothing and held her down,'' and took turns raping her. The victim said she repeatedly told the men to stop and tried to leave the apartment, the report said.

The investigators stated “It was a gang rape. There were four people being accused and all four of those individuals were accused of having a sexual relationship with a woman against her will”

Anyone that would do something that barbaric and cruel should be put away for a long time. Attacks like this ruin a person's life and leave lifelong traumatic scars on the psyche of a victim that will never heal.

Except there is a little known fact in America that the Women’s Rights groups go out of their way to keep hidden.

Over 40% of all rape claims in the US are FALSE!

Including this one!

These men have been falsely labeled rapists by the international press. Their saving grace was that one of the guys videotaped the party showing the little bitch encouraging and initiating the men to have group sex with her. If it were not for this video these men would have been sent to prison for many long nasty years for something they did not do. They would have been eventually released to a world that would shun them as violent sex offenders. Their lives were nearly ruined only to be saved by the off chance that the incident luckily was caught on tape. "The videotape clearly showed that she was a willing participant," said Jim Solomons, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's department in Orlando, Florida.

The nightmare and humiliation these men and their families have been put through is criminal in itself.

This little slut made it all up and took the time and effort to go to the authorities with the full intentions of destroying every one of these guys’ lives just to save face should word get out at work that she is nothing more than a cum guzzling whore.

The filing of false rape claims is a national crisis. It has ruined countless men’s lives. With the use of DNA sampling the amount of innocent men being released from behind bars for rapes they didn’t commit is just the tip of the iceberg. Police Departments have now begun to come to grips with the realization that women are using false rape charges as revenge, blackmail or alibis regularly. The Women’s Rights groups such as N.O.W are devoting a lot of time and money to keep this atrocity out of the press as much as possible and angrily deny that the problem exists even when faced with the facts.

As more and more women are being identified as filing false rape charges there has been a reluctance by the courts to file charges of any substance against these evil and vile women. The courts let them walk away without any charges or with a slap on the wrist. Women have nothing to lose by using the courts as a weapon.

I fully believe that any self-serving bitch found guilty of filing a false rape charge should be given the same sentence that the innocent accused men would have received if they would have been found guilty. In the case of the sperm bucket in Florida, her identity should be made public and she should have to serve all four of the would be sentences back to back with no chance of parole. This crime is far too common and destructive to not be publicly addressed. The PC crowd finds it going against the stereotypical Women’s Lib projected image that all women are innocent little flowers and all men are violent beasts. It's the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about for fear of retrobution from the femanazis.

These women/girls need to be held accountable for their crimes. All a man has to do to be put on the Sex Offender list for life is be caught taking a leak anywhere other than a designated bathroom (indecent exposure) but these women go unidentified through society and are a threat to every man they come into contact with.


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