Election Polls Should be Banned

7/16/2007 R. Merle Lavengood

As another election draws near I feel the need to point out a major flaw in the political process in this country. The media is obsessed by polls. Usually skewed in one direction or the other to give the intended result to the party paying for the poll.

This country has far too large of a percentage of people that don’t understand politics or world affairs and have no opinion while parroting the words they hear on TV .

  These people rely on the news to tell them who to vote for but not why they should vote for them. Whoever is in the lead in the latest poll becomes their candidate of choice in a conscious effort to pick the soon to be winner and side with the majority of the voters in order to be less likely to have to defend their choice.

I call it the NASCAR Syndrome. With the seemingly endless line of drivers to support very few fans pick a driver that they admire due to their attitude or dedication to the sport. The driver with a strong background in the junior racing leagues from the middle of the pack is slowly earning their way to the top of their sport bit at a time.

The norm is to look at the stats and see who is winning the most races and blindly jumping onto that drivers fan club so they can instantly boast as being onboard with the winning team due to their advance knowledge of what it takes to be a top driver when they actually don’t know jack shit about the nuts and bolts of the sport.

They just want to be on the winning team’s fan club so they can some how equate that to being a winner themselves and appear informed. Take a poll of 100 NASCAR fans favorite teams and 99% of them will pick the same 3 or 4 drivers like a herd of sheep rather than actually do any research and pick a team and driver combo that truly reflects the values they share.

This is why every hillbilly's pickup truck in this country has the same 2 or 3 numbers plastered on the rear window like a redneck coat of arms.

Politics are the same way. Most voters don’t know a rat’s ass about who they are voting for so they line up behind the poll leader like a bunch of lemmings and blindly pull the levers.

The only block of voters that vary from this trait are women. Women traditionally don’t follow politics or the news in general. Not even the polls. That is why we see the networks move to feminize the news with fluffy non-threatening pieces and female anchors in a desperate attempt to lure women in to boost the advertising base.

Women in every study taken are under represented in the polls. Most women don’t care about politics and don’t vote. The small number of women that do vote overwhelmingly vote for the candidate they think is the cutest with absolutely no knowledge of their platform or experience.

The latest trend in the polling game is to compare how much each politician makes in donations. This should not be headline news every night. People should not be influenced by the $ signs but by the substance of the person running for office. The people running the election teams know this and avoid anything but the slickest of sound bites and letting the polls mold the sheeple’s opinions.

As election night draws close the polls are front and center right through election day. The media turn to exit polls on election day that are notoriously skewed every election towards the Democratic party by the left wing biased media in order to manufacture more Democratic votes from the politically ignorant. The last two presidential elections were reported as a major Democratic landslide all of election day only later to be found that the Republicans in fact were ahead and eventually won.

A major voting block blindly votes for whomever they are told is winning putting all the other candidates at a huge disadvantage.

Polls should not be allowed to be published within 6 months of the election or more, forcing the wannabe Presidents to have to actually stand up and talk issues rather than run around the southern black churches and make speeches in fake black accents to cater to the sound bite fueled evening news and gain an empty bump in the polls.

Polls ensure an uninformed voting public by letting them skip the study portion of the process and just copy off the persons test next to them without even a Cliff Notes worth of knowledge of the person they are voting for.

The election is rigged by the polling companies toward the candidate the media source supports and should be stopped in order to insure a fair election by informed voters.