America, the Paper Tiger

R. Merle Lavengood 11/14/06

The people of America have spoken their mindset at the voting booths. The majority of Americans are content with going back to the Clinton created Paper Tiger Military.

The bad guys of the world have proven that if the US public see blood on TV they will surrender and run.

In 1993 warlord Mohamed Farah Aideed of Somalia announced his belief that the US Military was governed by the popular opinion of the non-military US public and by using the US news media as a tool against America he could defeat the US and send them running like scared little school girls. No need for a large army, just let the liberal biased news machine work their magic.

Aideed planned the downing of two Black Hawk helicopters and the ensuing firefight to prove his theory that America’s military is nothing more than a Paper Tiger and would run like sissies when confronted with a real fight. He proved to be right as the Clintons surrendered and pulled the troops out as fast as they could wave a white flag. From that day on the anti-American regimes around the world have made the Somalia victory they’re model to defeat America.


The Clinton’s “head in the sand” system of National Defense worked well for our enemies with many victories including two military attacks in Manhattan and multiple attacks on our Embassies resulting in huge American defeats and casualties. The Clintonian media worked overtime to characterize the soldiers that carried out the attacks as non-military extremists and would only assign military rank to the Al-Qaida officers that planned the brilliantly executed attacks on America. The blame was quickly laid on John Q Public and the Liberal Press insisted our only enemy is ourselves.

Then came the Bush doctrine and everything changed. The military was given back it's testicles and the funds it needed that were previously taken away by the Clintons. Under the Clintonian system the military couldn’t afford spare parts much less armor. Trucks and planes we being scavenged for parts and the troop levels decimated due to the lack of payroll money. All problems the liberal press later tried to blame on the evil warrior Bush.

The Whitehouse now has a President that will not surrender because the press is a bunch of pansies.

John Kerry even hired a bitter woman who had recently lost her son in battle to team up with the press to steer public opinion to cut and run. After going from funeral to funeral interviewing mothers they found a white trash lady on the skids. She had lost her son in Iraq and was being divorced by her husband after he found out she was whoring herself out to men in internet sex chat rooms and having regular extramarital sex behind her family’s back with complete strangers. Having destroyed her own family she seemed like a perfect figure head to the Clinton/Democrat media attack on the new Whitehouse. The Cindy Sheehan propaganda machine was born. Thus the Media blitz to return to the Paper Tiger Cut and Run military was funded by the leftwing extremists and in the end worked to convince enough of the American public that if you act like a pussy and hide in the corner, the bullies of the world will take mercy on you and be your friend.

From day one of the Iraq invasion the Mainstream Media have worked hand in hand with our enemies to convince the public that they need to run and hide. Every newspaper basically came complete with a white flag printed in it that you could cut out and display proudly. If you tell the sheeple of America that everyone thinks “A“, then it is only a matter of time before everyone will think “A” regardless of their true feelings that tell them it’s “B“. Through a well planned out use of lies, half truth and misinformation the Al-Qaida influenced media has once again reinstated the white flag democrats back into power and the terrorist leaders are publicly jumping for joy and touting their victory. Using the “he lied, people died” slogan the press and the democrats ignored the fact that over 500 weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq since we got there and we have the documentation showing that Saddam spent months shipping weapons to Syria. We have found out that Iraq had an active nuclear weapon project also. If you remember prior to the attack the media cried that we needed to do one more UN resolution and a world vote before going in just to give Saddam an extra few months to get his weapons out in time so Bush would look like he was wrong. It’s like giving a meth lab a three month notice that the police are going to raid them. Then when the officers find an empty warehouse months later you calling the police liars because that proves the meth lab never existed or it would still be there despite the warning. The Media teamed up with the Dems to give Saddam time to clean house to further their agenda at the peril of the US. As a result we are only finding the less critical stockpiles of WMDs. Even that has been tactfully hidden from the US public amazingly well. If you don’t know that we have found WMDs in Iraq then you need to find a new news source.

Now the cut and run team are gearing up to force the Whitehouse to issue a white flag. The enemies in Iraq are publicly announcing their build up of troops in anticipation of our surrender. They vow to bring the fight here to our homeland to kick our momma boy’s sissy asses.

The Leftwing Media has teamed up with Al-Qaida and are on the brink of winning their war against the USA. America is losing to a gun that didn’t make any noise, it was the low spark of high heeled boys within the leftwing/Al-Qaida/CNN anti-American war machine.

Welcome to America and the Mainstream Media

Misusing the 1st amendment to destroy the very freedoms that provide it.