The Muslim Inquisition

R Merle Lavengood 2/27/06

Among the lazy, fat, whinny spoiled little brat Americans, there is a blinding denial as to the seriousness of the Middle East struggles and the global consequences at stake.

The average American views the radical Muslim issues as a remote problem on TV and feel the American Idol Karaoke Show to have a more profound impact on their world.

The Basic struggle in a nut shell is that the Muslim faith views the western civilization to be evil and counter to all the teachings within their holy Koran and their religious leaders

Many Muslims believe that Mohamed is returning to Earth on his magic flying carpet in two years and all the world's population that is not Muslim will be banished to Islam Hell for eternity leaving the world as a Muslim only paradise. According to their great book the more chaos and fighting on Earth at the time of Mohamed’s cloud ride, the easier it will be for the conversion of the world to the hands of Islam.

Anyone that gives their life in this struggle is guaranteed a front row seat in heaven and all the humus they can eat. The goal is to convert the world by the use of death and violence to adopt their religion and all its beliefs of love and peace and to kill any culture that stands in their way to world domination.The general consensus of Americans is that’s crazy thinking and could never actually happen.

This state of mind is not only stupid but very hypocritical. What we are seeing is the natural evolution of society. The Arab Islamic civilization did not advance noticeably during the boom of the European/Western culture. The time lag between cultures is as much as 800 to 1000 years of social evolution.What were our people doing 800 years ago?

Hunting and burning witches, fighting sea monsters, slaying fire breathing dragons and preparing for the man-god Jesus’ cloud ride from heaven where he is to banish all non-Christians to Christian hell for eternity leaving all the flat Earth to the Christians to rule for all of time.

The Christian extremists would freely die in the name of the Crusades ensuring him front row seats in Heaven and a brand new harp. When the world didn’t take heed large armies of Christian extremists set out burning, torturing and killing any culture that did not accept their religion of peace and love.

The world burned for hundreds of years as Western society found Jesus at the end of a sword. When the dark ages were over the conquest was very successful and in the end Christianity had its roots planted over most of the world's population. The Church’s policy of killing anyone that had beliefs that varied in anyway from the strict views of the Religious Leaders of the time was justified by the wishes of their Christian God.

This is recent world history having ended around the time of the founding of America.Just the mention of the Christian Inquisition will send most Christians into fits of denial. Forty-four percent of the population of the US believe that their man-god Jesus is going to return in their lifetime and destroy all that have not accepted Jesus, yet roll their eyes at the thought of the Islamist man-god Mohamed coming back on the redeye and doing the same.

So far the Islamist extremists with their terrorist attacks, cartoon riots and beheadings are mild when compared to the Religious zealots from our society during the same evolutionary period of our culture.

Don’t underestimate the power of Religious fueled rage and hate. Western society was pulled back in time several hundreds of years in science and technology by our dark ages. Now it’s the Muslim’s turn and the radicals will not stop until all of western society accepts their beliefs and God, or are all killed. The Christians didn’t stop until they had circled their flat globe in their quest of world domination…And after killing only a few hundred million people they won!! Lets just hope the Muslim Inquisition isn’t as messy.Next time you hear someone ask why the Muslim extremists can’t be more like us……

Remind them that they are being exactly like us. We just forgot what it was like as a society to be young. There is nothing happening in the Middle East right now that we didn’t do ourselves as a young civilization.