Muslims are holding the world Hostage

8/21/2007 R. Merle Lavengood

The BBC is another in a long list of media organizations to drop a show or story line involving Islamist terrorists for fear of offending Muslims.

The terrorist had to be depicted as white non arabs out of fear.

What this proves is terrorism works in making people afraid to speak the truth publicly.

The Islamist faith allows the followers of Mohamed to talk out against anyone they feel does not share their religious views and threaten peoples lives and kill at will.

They defend their right to express their beliefs. Yet any non Muslim that also feels that right must die!

Here is a perfect example of the western world bowing down to the religious wackos for fear of reprisals.

I find shying away from Islamist terrorist story line for fear of offending Muslims asinine. Clear thinking Muslims should know that only a small percentage of Muslims are terrorist and if they can’t grasp that then too bad.

But since even a stupid cartoon will turn the religion of peace into a fervor of hate and killing what is the non Muslim world to do?

First and foremost I find the BBC’s actions,

just like the other's that have canceled shows and movies for fear of offending Muslims to be racist!

If movies and TV cant show Muslims as the terrorist then why could the movie series Roots show white men as owners of slaves. Is there a real difference?

In both cases it is or was a small percentage of either group that fill that profile yet only one group is catered to. If you can't portray Islamist Arabs as terrorists then why can you portray white American men as slave owners. The double standard screams of racism.

Yet the white race stand silently un-offended because of their superior intellect giving them the ability to separate themselves from the few bad people within their social group.

That is something the Muslim faith has proven repeatedly they can not do.

If their reasoning powers are that un-evolved than that’s their problem. This isn’t a “leave no towel head behind” program! It’s the hard realities of life like it or not.

As long as these limp wristed media think tanks are applying the Islam sensors to anything based on reality while openly bashing any and all non Muslim segments of the worlds they can kiss my ass.

The best way to fight terrorism is to not give into their demands….and the BBC has caved in fear like a bunch of sissies.

I have lost much respect for the media as a whole after yet another demand is agreed to while the Muslims hold the world hostage.