Mandate My Ass

R. Merle Lavengood 4-10-2007

The Democrats have marched into the nonexecutive branches of government waving the white flag and kissing terrorist ass since the midterm elections. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly declared that the election results constitute a mandate from the American people that we need to surrender to the religious extremists of Islam who want to destroy western civilization and kill any Infidels that stand in their way.

When she didn’t get enough votes to move on her perceived mandate through proper legal channels she chose to give the President the finger while jumping the fence and running over to the enemy’s camp to surrender the country on her own.

She assured the enemies of America that she is in charge of a coup by mandate from the citizens of the US against George Bush and she is now acting as the shadow President and is in charge of the country from here on out.

All hinging on the Dem’s narrow victory last fall. This is a clear case of treason.

I find this to be very hypocritical of the Libs in the House and the Senate. Are these not the same people that reacted in horror just two years before when, after winning the White House the Evangelical Right announced their victory as a Mandate for Jesus from the American people?

The Right Wing Bible Thumpers demanded that the Magic Wand Theory of Intelligent Design should replace the heresy of the scientifically sound Theory of Evolution in the high school science classes.

Are these not the same Libs that screamed foul at the mere mention of having the Ten Commandments displayed in public or students praying to the Republican designated God in school? All based on having a Jesus freak reelected to the White House.

Just as the Right Wing Inquisitionists were not given license to burn nonbelievers at the stake due to an election result, the Left Wing socialists of Washington do not have the legal right nor the will of the people to surrender the US military in spite of the President’s authority.

If the Democrat’s Socialists have a mandate then so do the Republican Flat Earthers.

If every election is going to be viewed as a mandate for the extreme radical fringe of the winning Political Party's agenda then we might as well set a torch to the country and burn it to the ground right now and just get it over with.

For Pelosi to go against Presidential orders and have Neville Chamberlain style appeasement talks with the men that are actively killing Americans in their quest to conquer the West is criminal. Anyone that is openly destroying our way of life  

is considered a demigod within the Liberal “told you so!” mind set.

If the Liberal's Chicken Little prophecies don't come true then they will stop at nothing to make it come true at the expense of anyone that gets in their way. Even if it means the possible destruction of America as we know it.

We now have a political party that would rather force our hand and cause us to lose a war than have a sitting Republican President receive any victories prior to the next Presidential Election.

After over 30 years of voting and with the exception for two elections I have always voted along Democratic/Libertarian lines. I have now witnessed the height of irresponsible pettiness. I think these actions against the state will turn many people away from the Liberal camp once the consequences of their actions bear out over time.

Pelosi has shown the stereotypical chest pounding female “hear me roar” need to overzealously prove herself “stronger than a man”. An attitude common of many women in positions of power within the work place.

The thought of a woman in the White House that feels she has something to prove while arguing from emotion rather than logic has caused me to review my position on a female President. We don’t need emotion steering the ship, we need logic and Pelosi has not demonstrated any logic since rising to power.

I hope the Anti-military/down with America attitude of the House and Senate Majority is a wake up call to the voters of this country. We have to take action before we are all crouched down on a prayer rug begging for our lives. Religious conquests have been successful in recent world history and are destined to repeat itself within our lifetime if we let it.

Our enemies will destroy this country if we let the weak control our destiny while being confronted by the strong.