Obama's Mamma's Boy Diplomacy has to Stop

R.Merle Lavengood 11/25/09


I am disgusted with the news that three Navy Seals are being charged over a bloody lip of a top world terrorist. The new feminized military has bared its ass under the control of our new feminized president.

American society is crumbling under the consequences of the women's rights movement of the 60s.

We are now being governed by wimpy girly men who were raised being taught that their fathers and all men are Neanderthals and bad for the family and American society as a whole.

A whole new generation of momma's boys are running our country making man sized decisions without the benefit of having had a father figure to teach them how to be a man.

Their first thought when threatened is “what would mommy do” instead of what would a man do.

American men born since the woman’s lib take over of the school system and multi media have been conditioned that when confronted with a violent aggressor it is best to beg mercy and appease their attacker so everyone will get along.

Obama has led the momma’s boy parade since the short sighted white guilted people of this country voted him into the White House. The appeal of a non-threatening negro as president was too alluring for most. Now the world is taking advantage of the new non-threatening United States of America.

As the world’s despots watch the latest Asian “bowing, groveling and free foot massage” tour Obama has wrapped up recently the word is out that we are willing to diplomatically give anyone a blow job in the hopes of being popular.

He is like that chubby little insecure slut we all knew in school who thought all the guys loved her since she banged anyone and everyone. Guys were always glad to see her but behind her back we all looked down on her with great disrespect and called her names.

With the White House’s indecision of whether we should cower and run home to mommy or stand proud and kick some ass in Afghanistan just showcases our elected weakness to the world.

Britain has publicly lost faith in Obama’s limp wristed lack of response while our children are killed by Islamists every day. If he doesn't even have the balls to tell the Move-On.org wienies to fuck off, how will he stand a chance in the face of a real threat?

Now we are arresting our brave soldiers and filing charges against them if they do anything un-lady like. Yet if an Islamic shit slinging madman commits mass murder Obama sees to it they get treated like heroes and are given a pulpit at taxpayers' expense in NYC.

The military's court marshalling of the three brave Seals because some crazy terrorist said he was punched, sends the message to all our enemies that all you have to do to make Obama run like a scared little girl is cry "I'm going to tell my mommy on you!".

Michele Obama stated that before Obama’s presidency she hab never been proud of her country…. If this is what makes her proud then she needs to question her qualifications to be an American much less the First Lady.

We have gone from Cowboy Diplomacy to Mamma's Boy diplomacy in one fell swoop. The shoot from the hip style of Bush wasn't perfect but it sure let our enemies know we aren't going to take any of their shit.

We need to allow our boys to return fire and do some damage so we can clean up the problem and wrap it up. The no fire if any civilians are in sight rule is getting our troops killed just so the pansy little libs can feel good that we are being nice to our killers and showing the world they no longer have to be afraid of our military.

If someone doesn’t figure out where Stanley, Obama’s man hating mommy buried his testicles and reattach them soon this country is doomed…

©R M Lavengood