If the Levees were Blown up, It wasn't Whitey Lighting The Fuse

R Merle Lavengood 10/01/05


As we have learned in recent times liberal and black nutjobs have no science or basic physics skills. This is demonstrated in the junk science of the Libs with Global Warming and the black extremists claim that some white Republican blew up the New Orleans levee in the middle of the night in order to kill the black folk.

The only proof is a 25 ft crater under the spillway of the levee after the water was pumped out. The only thing surprising here is that the crater wasn't bigger.

It's basic 6th grade level science project physics at work and Minister Louis Farrakhan, Minister Nashim Nzingathe of the New Black Panthers, the Rearend Jessie Jackass and the other hate mongers should know this.

They obviously assume that black residents of the Big Easy find 6th grade science like trig 101 so no one will realize they are using the brothers ignorance against them

When water is accelerated over a surface from a small opening the natural hydraulic action will lift out any loose soil until the water spreads out and slows down dropping the dirt.

If these idiots looked at the river deltas they would see this effect in action. Its same process that has put New Orleans under the river level in the first place.

A simpler example is the hole eroded under your gutter spout after a big rain storm. I know the first reaction is to find that evil white Republican that snuck in during the storm and dug that hole in your yard but contrary to African American leader's popular belief it was caused by rushing water from your roof. It's called the laws of nature.

The same laws that made the hurricane and the flood. Not lawmakers or politicians or hooded evil white ppl....Just good ole' mother nature.The outrage in the black community shouldn't be the thought of whitey playing with dynamite but the reality of black leaders that rely on the average black American being too stupid to know when they are being exploited by a small group of rich black men.

The biggest obstruction left in this country keeping the black man down is the racism planted by the small handful of rich black men only getting richer by keeping the brothers angry and in the ghetto. Reverend Al Notsosharpton and the like would have no business or multimillion dollar income if their cultural base climbed out of their current conditions of anger and poverty and became self-reliant.

Just for the sake of argument let's pretend that someone did blow up the levee. If the powers to be were faced with the decision of picking which part of town would flood what would they do.

Say it was your decision given the choice that instead of flooding both areas just control the breakwater and limit the devastation to one neighborhood instead of losing both. If you had this ability you would have to save as much of the city as you can. You now have two choices as to what is spared from destruction.

A: The run down crime ridden ghetto full of rats, gangs, drugs, prostitution and murder with little tax revenue to the city, little voter turnout and a high cost of policing and welfare etc. (I know there are good working ppl that lost everything but we are talking the overall masses)

B: An upscale, clean, gang and crime free area of professional voting households with a large tax base and high property values.

If the ghetto was picked over losing both areas would it really be a racist decision or a tactical action in the best interest of New Orleans in the long term.

If such a decision was made it was on a local level and it should be pointed out that it would have been made by local Black Democratic Politicians!! Point your finger carefully because you may reap what you sow.