Wackos in Washington

R Merle Lavengood 10/22/05



The political extremist have high-jacked the mainstream political parties in the last few years and have turned everything in Washington into a hate fest. Until recently people found it easy to fall into either of the large soft buckets of ideology.

Political allegiance now requires a score card to keep track of your standing within or out of either party. The brainless intolerance of the extremist on both sides of the net have so over polarized the issues that only blind faith wackos can claim total support of either camp.

On the Left

On the left you have the anti-American hit and run artists spewing twisted nonfactual hate stories inspired by an actual event but having little of no bases in fact within the real world. The most famous of the opportunists of course in Michael Moore.

Back when Mr. Moore was an unknown homeless idiot in Flint Michigan and trying to get a small college newspaper up and running he hung out with my uncle and was someone that was hard to forget. Always broke, whining, uninteresting, unwashed, smelly and sleeping on his mothers couch when not begging food, money, a ride and a place to sleep from everyone he knew.

He learned quickly that changing the factual timeline of an event and screaming scandal would get enough attention that he could sell the story to the gullible people that love to hate the establishment and eventually he could afford his own couch. His sniper style of rock throwing is necessary due to the holes in logic and fact that have surrounded everything he has done since before he lost his comb in the crack of mommies couch.

One of the main thrusters on the lefties attack engines is the junk science of Global Warming. The earth naturally oscillates in a cycle that is well documented. Just as the tides, the global temps rise and fall. The extreme opportunists are banking on the ignorance of the masses to cry the sky is falling. The temps are rising right on schedule without any help from us.

The goal of the greenies is to get as much traction and political gains before the “tide” goes back out. The same bum-rush you saw years ago about the Ozone Hole. Remember the claims of human extermination due to UV rays allowed in by the manmade Hole in the sky. The facts then as now are that it was just a natural cycle of nature being exploited. The Ozone layer was quickly filling in all by itself forcing the leftwing nut jobs to have to launch a blitzkrieg style assault on the public and generate all the self-serving panic possible before the hole was gone.

The junk science of the Ozone Hole being proof of the evils of man and everyone had to stop using hairspray or the human race was doomed. It was the subject of nightly reporting in the mainstream press (read leftwing press). Kids grew up convinced they were destined to the horrors of an X-Ray ravaged desert like earth.

The whole closed up right on schedule and the radicals slipped into the darkness counting their money and political gain by their calculated bullshit and bluff on the world. Now the same idiots have found another wave to ride into the spotlight full well knowing it is a non-problem no different than the lies spewed for years about the Ozone Hole.

To many uninformed people blindly want to follow the “cause of the week” to give the illusion of personal wisdom and insight. All at the agonizing expense of many just and reasonable problems within our control as the human race.

Another junk science attack from the left that has lost it’s traction due to the lack of credibility is the Gun Control agenda. The facts clearly show that the self-serving propaganda from the Senator Schumers of the world have no bearing to fact.

Even though the phony study used commonly that a gun in the home is more likely to kill a family member then be used in self-defense has long been proven to be intentionally written to hide the truth by an organization that commercially provided fake studies for money.

The courts have banned the group from making anymore studies or face fraud charges. Enough of the masses saw through the liberal gun control bullshit and became liberal conservatives in enough numbers as to cause a measurable swing-over vote in 2000 to cost the Democrats the Whitehouse.

The left party chose not to push the gun issue since because of the backlash. All over an average of less than 1500 accidental gun deaths a year….The time and energy would be better spent on even deadlier things in our life like bathtubs, bicycles, rollerblades, stairs or even the swept under the rug killer, Prostate Cancer.

The ACLU driven socialist agenda of the leftwing extremists have alienated many longtime Democrats out into the middle of the road and over into the right wing’s camp. The current Democratic system of criticizing and pointing fingers at the doers while not having any plan of how it should be done differently is hurting the party.

On the Right

On the right you have the hypocritical self-serving Jesus freaks. To be a mainstream Republican now you have to be willing to publicly give Jesus a blowjob and be actively anti-abortion. Leaders from the political pulpit are people like the good Reverend Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh.

Bill O’Reilly preaches on his daily radio show discounting anyone that doesn’t have a plastic Jesus on their dashboard as a loon and note worthy of an opinion. His strict religious views make his show a thinly veiled television evangelist revival. The only thing missing on his show is the Gospel Choir in the background.

His heart felt crusade has it’s good and bad points. His “god created everyone equal” agenda caused him to shout down a recent guest discussing the Toledo Riots with vicious personal attacks and name calling against any claim that blacks cause more crimes and riots than whites. He called the guest unfit to live in this country and a disgrace to God because all races are equal from heaven above but then went right into a rant for the next hour that illegal immigration must be stopped because of the increased crime that comes from the immigrating Mexican race in this country. His hypocrisy must be on loan from god.

Rush Limbaugh is a radio icon, Pioneer, role model and the catalyst and for all things talk radio. He is as far right as Moore is far left but with one important difference. He is willing to publicly debate and discuss his positions calmly and politely all day on his show. Never shouting over his guests or callers or resorting to name calling.

Moore hides in the shadows and refuses to have true debates on his views and wild claims in public and shields himself from scrutiny by yelling over anyone opposing him and crying victim. Like the school yard bully that is all talk and runs home to mommy when he has to finally back up his mouth. Not the case with Rush.

He relishes the chance to a civilized discussion of his views. He is a well schooled host that can win over even the most anti-right listener given time with his non-religious, common sense and simple laymen approach to all things rightwing.

To be a mainstream Republican today you have to be supportive of the firebombing of abortion clinics and find the premeditated murder of abortion clinic’s doctors and their family in the name of the "right to life" as a reasonable action.

The argument that all life is precious and sacred in the eyes of the lord from the first cell while swatting flies, stepping on spiders and slapping mosquitoes. All animals with more awareness and feelings than anything rolling out of the abortion clinic's shop-vac at the end of the day. Here in Detroit it is a tradition to buy live octopuses to throw out onto the ice to their agonizing deaths during a Redwings hockey game to show your support as a fan like a barbaric Roman Coliseum ritual killing.

Everyone of those octopuses has a larger brain and IQ than the average NHL hockey fan and are very aware of their surroundings yet it is viewed as just good fun. Octopuses are the second most intelligent animal on earth second to “most” of man. Many of these same hypocrites will argue that terminating the undeveloped and unaware fetus is murder. The pro-lifers agenda that the world needs more underage welfare mothers and crack babies is absolute. Even blaming the problems of social security on abortion. The theory that the millions of aborted potential people would be tax payers now and help float the system.

What the religious nuts hope people have forgotten is that when abortion was illegal it flourished like drinking did during prohibition. The reason for moving it out of the back alleys and into the clean professional clinics and hospitals was for the safety of the women seeking help. The numbers of young women dieing of complications every year without the proper medical care was an unnecessary disgrace to this country. The thought of stepping backwards into the days of a coat hanger in the bathtub should out trump any semi-retarded religious belief.

The dangerous and false belief that the US government was founded as a religious organization is at the base of the rightwing madness. When this country was formed the world was still in the throws of the Vatican’s armies torturing and killing anyone that didn’t bow down to their strict and narrow religious views.

The world found Jesus at the end of a sword. Church organized genocides that make the current bloody uprising of extremist Muslims look like a girl scout picnic with a happy ending. State mandated religion was exactly why the outcasts that originally populated the pilgrims camps fled to North America.

The ground work for our government was carefully laid out to avoid religious oppression from taking root in the government of the new world. The religious oppressors have been pounding at the door ever since demanding the right to control all that defy them. It has only taken a a couple of hundred years to erase the crimes of the church from taught history and let religious leaders paint the Vatican as a peaceful loving organization.

The blood soaked floors of the torture chambers in the basement of the Vatican have been collecting dust while the chameleon like change over the recent past bait the blind faith'ers into pushing to reinstate government rule to a regime that makes the Nazi’s murder of 6 million Jews look like stubbed toe in comparison to the complete peaceful civilizations wiped out by the Christian Church in the not so distant past.

The narrow and extreme choices of the political circus

If you support having no plan for the future, feel the best offense is no defense. Feel the terrorists have the right to kill Americans because we deserve it, feel that citizens should not be allowed to arm themselves to protect the safety and sanctity of their own family from evil doers and that hurricanes and earthquakes can be legislated away in congress, then you will be allowed into the current Democrat mainstream.

If you feel it is our country’s right to defend our people from attack, that everyone that doesn’t receive communion should be deported, and all abortions should be performed with a coat hanger in the garage because women aren’t smart enough to make personal choices about their own bodies, then you will be allowed into the current Republican mainstream.

The rest of us have to float in the middle in political limbo trying to make sense of all the out of control wackos screaming for our support in the childish food fight that has become Washington DC over the last decade.