Why did ppl have time to steal TV sets and Video games but no time to steal a school bus and drive their families to safety?

R Merle Lavengood


As I watch the Left-wing circus jump up and down pointing fingers and drooling on their shoes in joy over the hurricane releif in New Orleans It hits me that a future solution against such disasters would be very easy...I list it in the "be careful what u wish for" file.
The most logical place to test it would be California and the San Andreas Fault line region. Being a "blue state" and lib central it should receive top priority by the left wing vultures and rich Hollywood types bashing the hurricane relief effort.
We need 2 set up multiple refrigerated warehouses with large diesel generators along the west coast and keep them stocked and rotated with food. As the food nears expiration it would be sent on weekly truck loads to the ghetto and given away so no one can say u hate "enter minority here" people. thus helping to enforce the entitlement mentality that is so important to the Democrats in keeping the minorities helplessly trapped in the hood today.
Then purchase fuel and maintain a large fleet of military vehicles, helicopters, boats and trucks to be ready at a moments notice.
Then staff it with hundreds of federal employees so the local government corruption will b circumvented. All funded from a large tax increase on the masses.
You have now achieved the liberal Bush basher's dream...

  1. Higher Taxes
    Create jobs
    Coax the small amount of inner city blacks and Hispanics that actually vote to support the Dem party
  2. Create bigger government with absolute powers over the little guy so no one will have to take care of themselves as that is the government's job.....All face towards Hollywood and bow down while hailing bigger government!

Now it wouldn't be fair to force people that have chosen to not live on top of a known fault line or flood zone etc. to pay for those that made the decision to do so but such is the case. In the example of the California rescue system the many millions of dollars should be equally shared by the residents of that state. I'm sure that the thousands of dollars annually per household would be greeted with approval in exchange for the safety and security of the people destine to be voluntarily doomed to the wrath of mother nature that everyone knows is coming.
Just impose a mandatory federal property tax of $5,000 a yr. per home to fund the rescue centers and make everyone in lib-town happy.
Start this program in the bleeding lib states first and then use it as a model for the rest of the country that prefers to rebuild at the expense of everyone else instead of moving to higher ground.
Just a rough blue print of the type of infrastructure the lib's feel should have been in place waiting for New Orleans to sink. Everyone living there knew it was going to happen in their lifetime and didn't plan for it, but it wasn't their responsibility, that's a White Republican's job apparently......................