Halloween VS JesusWeen and other anti-American Bullshit

R.Merle Lavengood 10/22/11


The far left wing liberals and the far right wing evangelicals have unknowingly teamed up to kill the best American holiday left. Halloween made a comeback after it was all but killed in the 70s and 80s by the over reactive busy body media hype. The beloved holiday is now facing a different battle.

The "needles and razor blades in the candy" scare killed the holiday for many years. The media perpetuated the urban myth that there were evil villains on every block booby trapping candy and killing children.

The hospitals were X-raying candy effectively trading hysterical fears for radiation tainted candy. I dare say the radiated candy was a bigger danger than the mythical needle in the apple threat.

Other than a few minor copycat incidents usually played out by older brothers pranking their little brother this threat never really existed. The bigger threat was sprained ankles while running from house to house.

The only actual poisoning death by Halloween candy on record was in 1974 when a Houston boy was given arsenic laced candy by his father to collect on a large insurance claim. This plan resulted in his execution a decade later.

The media pushed this hoax every fall with a passion not seen since until the current Global Warming hoax became the media's baby.

This hoax scared the crap out of mothers of this brave country and kids were not allowed to go trick or treating anymore. Schools and community centers held candy free kid parties coast to coast to protect our kids from any of the fun we enjoyed growing up.

The side effect of this was Halloween became an adult theme holiday. With the pesky kids out of the way the children in costumes gave way to adult parties centering around the slutty fill in the blank outfits for the women to wear. The traditional nurse costume gave way to the slutty nurse costume etc. The local pub's halloween party shows more tit than the strip clubs down the street. Halloween climbed to the most loved holiday behind Christmas.

The apparent death of traditional Halloween lasted for decades until the next generation of kids emerged. Their parent's "friendship over parenting" style of upbringing opened the door to trick or treating once again. The rebirth of the true Halloween was fueled by the need to overindulge the spoiled little brats.

But trick or treating has a new face now. The days of running wild with your friends hoopin' and hollerin' while on what we all remember as epic adventures have gave way to helicopter parents hovering at the sidewalk waiting to escort their sheltered kid to the next house usually by car...

Just having Halloween back, even in its' neutered form is a welcome sight. Halloween is a proud American tradition and a right of passage in this country. The transition out of childhood is marked by two major milestones of puberty, being too old to trick or treat and getting a driver's license.

Now the radical idiots of the left and right are out to put the Halloween fire out again for two completely different reasons.

The Liberal elite are killing the holiday through political correctness. Using their lock on the education system they have begun to push the liberal agenda at the expense of the kids having fun.

In schools all over the country Halloween has been cancelled in fear of hurting anyone's feelings. You have to remember that in the liberal world feelings are more important than the truth, common sense or facts.

The libs are using several excuses for shunning Halloween. One is the fear of offending witches, as one school district states:

"Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches. Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that,".

Respective symbols? I have known many Wiccans over the years and I've never met a group of people able to laugh at themselves more than a bunch of self-claimed witches. The whole Wiccan religion is just a reason to let fat ugly people run around naked in the woods, and I don't mean that in a bad way... Have you seen these women? A little kid in a pointy hat is the least of their problems. The concern is that celebrating a Pagan holiday may offend the Pagans!

Another worry is that celebrating Halloween is wrongfully forcing American traditions onto immigrants (read illegals) with foreign values and traditions. I think if you're willing to accept the American free schooling, housing, welfare and healthcare than you better be tolerant of a bunch of kids dressed up as movie characters and an occasional witch having fun.

Communities are putting a ban on Halloween costumes due to concerns that for some immigrant families, “Halloween is problematic.” He cited its connections to witchcraft, adding, “Some of our students come from cultures where kids are frightened by it.”

These cultures are afraid of 5 year old girl in a make believe witch costume but line up to celebrate the ever growing holiday called "Day of the Dead". This is a day when everyone dresses up as skeletons and dance around graveyards and have parades celebrating their dead relatives.

This blends into the evangelical Crusade to cancel Halloween because it isn't worshiping Jesus. The hypocrites want to replace a holiday celebrating the walking dead with a holiday celebrating Jesus, a man that rose from the dead...

Thus the religious right have created their latest tool in world domination, JesusWeen... A holiday where kids dress up as bible figures and houses hand out bibles and religious propaganda. Nothing spells childhood fun like a sermon in lieu of candy!

Personally I would rather open the door to a bunch of Halloweeners dressed as witches and goblins than a bunch of JesusWeeners dressed up as... well whatever a JesusWeener looks like... Not a pretty picture, jew-fro and all.

The stories in that $2 bible those kids don't give a crap about are scarier than any Halloween story ever told. Luckily the kids will read about as much of it as the starry eyed jesus freak that forced it on them.

This is another attempt to take over societies customs. This is how the Christians took over Christmas and Easter. They were both happy non-religious holidays before the Jesus freaks felt the need to impose their beliefs on the world at the end of a sword. Show me a chocolate egg laying rabbit or Santa in the bible, I dare you.

We are in a war to maintain the American traditions that the radicals so desperately want to trade for conformity. If Americans wanted conformity we would have never succeeded in forming this awesome country in the first place. This isn't France/Mexico damn it! If you don't like American traditions don't come here and demand we convert to yours...