The Hurricane Blame Game

R. Merle Lavengood 11/27/06

I think its high time to put thanks where thanks is due. With the end of the hurricane season coming this week it’s time to reflect on who’s fault it is that we only had one hurricane enter the Gulf of Mexico this year.


2005 was a record year for hurricanes and the libs and the press squarely laid blame at the Presidents feet. He was blamed single-handedly as the sole cause of the storms because of his ties to big oil and thus Global Warming.

There were marches in the street demanding his removal from office for intentionally causing the storms. Past Presidents pointed fingers and screamed that Mr. Bush was solely to blame. Movies were made saying Bush has control of the storms.

Newspaper headlines repeatedly stating the President is using his witchcraft like power to kill black people with his storms.The environmental extremists yelled that the Storm cycle of 05 was absolute proof that Global Warming is a manmade and controlled event and not just a natural cycle like countless “Global Warming deniers” keep pointing out.

Their proof would be the even worse hurricane season in 2006. New England and New York City were predicted to be destroyed during the summer of 06 to make the liberals in Massachusetts and Manhattan not feel left out. The Gore-fanatics shouted that anyone not heeding their promis of 2006 being the worst hurrican season in history would pay dearly for their blind ignorance.

The public spent all last winter under a barrage of press screaming doom and gloom because Mr. Bush caused more hurricanes than ever before. And not just big ugly hurricanes but hurricanes that are somehow able to pick out just black people and kill them. George Bush’s hurricanes proved he hates black people!!

I'm sure the Libs will say that Bush stopped the hurricanes because it's an election year and they find the timing suspicious.It was a constant drum beat after Katrina that was loud and clear.

George Bush has control of the weather and caused the record number of storms during the 2005 hurricane season and will be held accountable for the predicted rash of even deadlier storms in 2006.Well I think it’s time we all stand up and give thanks where it belongs.

Thanking the president for stopping the killer storms from devastating this country. For personally making 2006 the mildest hurricane season in a decade. He has even produced a milder hurricane season than the last few years of the Clinton/Gore controlled weather cycle.


But I haven’t seen the media screaming thanks like they screamed blame. I haven’t seen black rap stars thank Bush for not hating black people with his storms. I haven’t seen washed up politicians make a movie thanking Bush for his obvious good deed.

Not so much as a peep from the left wing Global Warming liberal camp in appreciation. In all the screaming that only Bush can stop the storms I think it is only right that now the storms have stopped that all these people should crawl out from under their rocks and publicly thank the man they screamed for months is totally to blame for the 2005 hurricane season.

Well here at “The Pig” I’m not afraid to thank the single man the media has told me over and over again is responsible for the bad weather. I have written pieces pointing out that the weather is a natural cycle, not a man made cycle and received E-mails telling me I was wrong and it is all Bush’s fault.

Well if that is the case I admit my possible error in not automatically blaming a Republican for all the ills of the world and come out here to personally thank President George W Bush for stopping the hurricanes all summer in 2006. For all the thankless left wing liberal nut jobs that won’t stand up and voice there convictions now, I would like to say the following.


Thank you Mr. Bush for all the property damage you were able to stop. Thank you Mr. Bush for all the poor black people you were able to save.

Thank you Mr. Bush for all you have done to help the people of this country in your decision to change the control knob on your hurricane making machine from evil to good. I bet even Al “the sky is falling” Gore sleeps better knowing George W is in control of the hurricanes next year after the excellent job you did this year.