Burning Down Gaza

R. Merle Lavengood 1/10/09

Gaza Strip has been lit up for over a week now with no let up in sight. Much of the world community is up in arms over Israel’s decision to reenter the Palestinian state. The same community that sat silent while Israel endured over 7,000 rocket attacks since giving the Gaza land over to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.

Rather than peace all the thankless Gazaites gave in return for being granted their every wish was daily rocket attacks targeting kindergartens, daycares and homes throughout Southern Israel.

The same people that were outraged in 2002 when an Islamist named John Allen Muhammad terrorized the Washington DC area killing ten people with sniper fire along the beltway. These killings and the ensuing man hunt was front page news all summer. Our country and the world were outraged at the thought of Muhammad and his teenage side kick launching a total of thirteen tiny little bullets at random targets over a three week period.

Less than a bullet a day versus over twenty rockets a day over a three and a half year period that Israel has been forced to live with. Yet look at the difference in attitude the world opinion has between the two issues. Most people seem to have no real feelings over Jewish children being slaughtered as a part of daily life. But everyone had an opinion and heartfelt outrage over more than 7,000 less bullets fired here on our turf than rockets into the bedrooms of Israel.

Another Israeli school rocketed and kids die and it barely gets a mention in the news but let a kitten or a puppy die in a house fire and it’s a major headline

If a group of people were blasting Southern California daily with rockets from across the Mexican border everyone would demand a full scale military action immediately! Not three or four years of attacks later maybe we should try to reason with the killers. Americans would demand immediate action as soon as the first batch of five year old American kids were turned into screaming flaming hamburger before their eyes. Yet People can sit back and condemn Israel’s actions in Gaza while their children burn.

The Hamas Terrorists are using the tried and true tactic of employing human shields so they can cry foul when innocents are killed. The bastards use grade schools as launching points for their rockets in hopes that the return fire kills as many of the same people that voted the terrorist group into power so they can use the media as a weapon against the West. They use UN supplied ambulances as troop transports and attack vehicles to create outrage when the Israelis fire back in self-defense.

The people of that small strip of land have supported the actions of Hamas and now are suffering the consequences of those actions. We never saw demonstrations within Gaza condemning the constant stream of rocket attacks against the people of Israel.

My family and I have personally been to Gaza several times and I found the people to be very friendly yet I always felt an underlying sense that under the polite smile was a dark side that could turn ugly at any time, much like walking through Detroit after dark.

An American family had been killed shortly before our first visit to Gaza when these same smiling faces dropped a couple of hand grenades into their car windows while they waited for a green light at an intersection in broad daylight.

The people of Gaza asked for the Israeli government to pull its army out of Gaza and allow them to have the first Palestinian state in history to run themselves. Israel gave them everything they asked for.

In short order the people of Gaza voted in the Hamas terrorist regime to run the government and stood idly by while their state rocketed and suicide bombed Israel daily to show their thanks for granting them the freedom they obviously don’t deserve nor understand. The folks of Gaza have no problem with dropping 7,000 plus rockets into Israel. Maybe the proper response should be Israel sitting back and dropping in 20 missiles a day for over three years since the world consensus didn’t find it wrong of the Palestinians doing the same. The first day’s 20 missiles should target only schools. Keep up the attacks until no schools are left, then target shopping areas and food stores. When those targets are depleted then target old folks homes, followed by hospitals and the systematic destruction of the residences. Twenty GPS guided missiles a day for three years. An eye for an eye to quote the Bible. No one cried out when Hamas did it to Israel so any opposition would be hypocritical.

Repeatedly throughout their history they have shown all they understand is death. The only thing the radical Islamic movement understands is death. They fight their wars by killing their own to fire up the bleeding heart media machine to do their bidding for them.

I’m rooting that Israel wipes Gaza’s ass and shuts down the killing machine within its borders.

The only thing I have to say to the people of Gaza….

Careful what you wish for, you just might get it!