The Double Standards of the Obama Drones

R.Merle Lavengood 10/23/09

In the fall of 2004 the big news rally was the political lynching of President George Bush by the Democrats for the 2004 flu Vaccine shortage. He was held responsible for the drug factory's quality control issues.

John Kerry and other top Dems stated repeatedly that the shortage as a result of the unforeseen problems in manufacturing was "typical of the president's mishandling of health care".

The hype the Lib media put on the shortage caused people to believe there was no vaccine available. As a result hundreds of thousands of the shots had to be destroyed the next spring because people didn't ask for them.

Yet the screams for the Impeachment of Bush were a daily news item due to the exaggerated shortage. The Kerry ads pointed blame because "Three years ago, medical experts warned George Bush that a dangerous shortage loomed."

The Libs demanded Bush be removed from office and held large rallies in the streets and clogged the airwaves with anti-Bush rhetoric.

Now fast forward five years to now...

For years the news is full of overblown scare pieces from the Libs warning of the Swine Flu Pandemic coming to kill us all.

Swine flu was correctly labeled the Mexican Flu originally reflecting where it began. It spread north following the migratory paths of the illegal aliens and Mexican travelers.

The Democrats quickly squashed that title for the soul reason that it could offend the ranks of illegal aliens that vote democrat. If the beaners traditionally voted republican the name would still be solidly attached to the illness.

The name changed to Swine Flu until the pig farmers feared people would connect it to bacon and panic. Then the generic H1N1 name was born.

It is steadily moving across the country from the Mexican neighborhoods after being carried back from Mexico by people returning from deportation or visiting family. This fact has been downplayed by the PC crowd fearing retaliation and the fueling of the anti-illegal immigration crowd.

Now after boasting that Swine vaccine would be available there has been a string of shipping errors and assorted screw ups leaving large parts of the country unprotected as our kids get sick. The death toll across the country is growing with the experts claiming 1 in 5 kids have had the swine bug already this year.

Where is the outrage?

Obama has not had to endure ridicule. No one is calling for his removal from office. I haven't heard one rally cry for impeachment. I definitely have not seen this problem used as an example of Obama's healthcare's failing policies.

Why the double standard?

Is it an example of the Dem's nasty attack policies of politics? Are the Republicans more understanding of the complexities of making and distributing a kazillion doses of the new untested drug?

Are the critics tired of being labeled racist every time they forget to kneel at Chairman Obama's feet and grovel?

I find it telling that the cries for imprisonment when it happened under Bush's watch are all but forgotten when the same thing happens under Obama's watch.

The liberal double standard is a slap to the face of America as we know it...


©R M Lavengood