Deport Dora the Explorer

6/13/2007 R. Merle Lavengood

I am fed up with the Mexicanization of America over the past few years. Most people got wind of the political shift the first time they were prompted on the phone to “press one for English”.

The main push over the years has been in the grade school and younger kids. They don’t know the difference so as long as the indoctrination flies under their parents radar. Then no one is the wiser.

The most obvious push by the Liberals is to teach the American children Spanish. To have a program to teach the Mexican kids English is considered Racist by the mainstream liberals.

The Spanish lessons begin before preschool and continue on through high school.

Every Parent in recent years has learned to take for granted having their kids come home counting in Spanish in kindergarten to speaking basic Spanish phrases in the following years of school.

Even before preschool the brainwashing is set into play with seemingly innocent TV shows like “Dora the Explorer”. Every show the cartoon star of the show, a young Mexican girl named Dora greets and leaves saying hello and goodbye in Spanish and Spanish lessons are slyly slid in throughout the show so parents won’t realize the intent of the show is to make Spanish the second language of the United States equal to English. Dora is nothing more than a Spanish class disguised as a kids cartoon.

When asked what he likes about Dora, one of the shows creators Chris Gifford states on the Nick Jr. website: Probably the most obvious is the fact that we teach Spanish vocabulary in every show and that Dora is a Latina.

Dora is just one example of the trend in children programming to push Spanish since the early days of “Sesame Street”. I can’t think of any mainstream kid shows designed to teach Mexican kids to speak English.

The Supreme Courts overruled the State’s right to choose for themselves how to handle illegal alien children back in the early 80s and ruled the states will provide for the schooling of the children of the criminal border crossers. Instead of deporting the whole family who we now know the whereabouts of, the US Government force the legal citizens to provide for the costs of schooling the little mini fence jumpers.

I’m sure when Central American border jumpers cross into Southern Mexico the Government there can’t wait to send the little tunnel rats to school on the Mexicali’s dime. NOT!! The Mexican police/Army lock up or deport the whole family quicker than you can sing that Cucaracha song that Speedy Gonzalas use to sing before he was banned by the Feds from TV due to liberal outrage as racist and offensive.

Until we see a cartoon named “Pedro the Lettuce Picker” or "Donny the drywaller"on every day teaching the little illegal Mexican kids English I find “Dora the Explorer” to be racist.

If we are being forced to give People with no respect for the laws and customs of this country the keys to the palace we should at least be allowed to keep our language. We are already giving them housing, food, medical care. schooling, voting rights and driver licenses. I think it is the final slap to America’s face to have to also lose our language and national identity to make the illegals happy too.

During the big immigration wave of legal Germans, Polish and Irish over the past 50 years, the mass populace’s kids were not forced to learn German or any other language rather than burden the immigrants with learning to speak the native language of the Country that they CHOSE to move to! That's because the object was for the new people to acclimate into American society. Now the object is for middle America to acclimate into little Mexico as it migrates onto their front lawn and kicks down their front door.

Americans aren’t ready to accept the third world lifestyle of $200 three tone and bondo 1969 Impalas with dingle balls, mini chrome chain steering wheels rolling on $2000 rims just to make the outlaw border jumpers feel more at home. If they want to feel at home, then go home.

It’s wrong that Americans are being expected to kiss the asses of a culture that has shown a complete lack of respect for their gracious hosts.

Stop teaching our children to speak the bandito's language and teach the little wetback kids to speak English! All the brave Americans that died in the Mexican/American War didn’t sacrifice their lives so their future generations could speak spanish to appease the Mexicans to proud to speak English.