Don't Take the Cross for Granted

R.Merle Lavengood 5/5/06 Reposted every Easter

The Cross as a religious symbol is an eloquent and beautiful design in its simplicity. It is easily drawn or sculpted. When it is made into a pendant it lays flat against the skin and large ones can be built with a minimum of skill and materials for religious displays even in the most remote parts of the world.

The Cross is an early executional tool that has evolved out of favor over time. Before the Cross people were nailed to trees till death. The invention of the Cross was brought about by the need to move the executions to a popular place where it can be watched easier.

In effect someone invented a portable tree.Execution equipment has evolved over the centuries into things like the Guillotine, Hangmen Nooses, Firing Squads, Gas Chambers and Electric Chairs.

Given the wide range of things built to kill people as punishment we as a whole should be thankful that the Biblical Execution of Jesus was at a time in history coinciding with the use of the Death Cross. Think of how different things would be if other methods of death would have been used to kill Jesus.

Instead of the classic “hippy on a stick” figure everyone takes for granted hanging over the pews now we would have a completely different display of the faith.Churches would just not have the same reverence with a giant “Jesus in an Electric Chair” hung on the wall behind the pulpit.

Instead of depicting blood from the nails in his hands and feet he would have smoke coming out his ears and bugged out eyes.Having a small gold “Sparky” hanging around your neck just wouldn’t be the same.

The Arlington Cemetery would lack the beautiful symmetry with row after row of miniature Electric Chairs shining in the sun. Holding up a little wooden chair to ward off a vampire in the movies would suck too.What if he had been hanged?

Giant Jesus statues dangling from a rope tied to the church rafters like a big Savior piñata. Although Hangman's Noose jewelry would be better than "Sparky on a chain", it still wouldn’t be the same.

It would open up a whole new market in Jesus wind chimes though.It’s a good thing Jesus wasn’t killed by a Firing Squad because that would take up a whole damn necklace not to mention filling up most of the really good box seats in the front of the church.

The Guillotine would have been an interesting choice. At least little Jesus choppers could be used to trim the candles at church. If equipped with a cork screw and a nail file it would be like a little Christian Army Knife and would be indispensable at Sunday Mass.

Other things that would have changed if Jesus had been beheaded would be a whole new use for the Easter Basket. At least small ceremonial Guillotines could be used as a beer bottle opener and cigar trimmer allowing the church to take its message right to the sinners when they need it the most, while they're having fun.

The Gas Chamber would never have worked because the famous all knowing look on Jesus’ face would lose its effect with his cheeks puffed out holding his breath…..As you can see the world shouldn’t take the Cross for granted.

It is an underappreciated work of art. If you feel the need to wear a gold plated human killing device around your neck then the Cross is defiantly the way to go.

Next time you see a Cross just imagine how different your life would be if Jesus had been executed in a different period of history. We should all be glad the Romans preferred Crosses.