Just another conspiracy theory

R Merle Lavengood 3/5/06


The United States have as of now held off any Al-Qaida attacks on the home turf since the 911 massacre. Although it is just a matter of when, not if we will be hit again in this country.

It has become the mission of President Bush and the Republican Party to keep America safe from being attacked again.

The Democratic Party has been doing everything in their power to discredit everything Bush has done in the War on Terror. This brings up a thought that should be thrown out on the table. If there are no new attacks on American soil in the next three years and then the inevitable happens on a possible Democratic Presidency after the 2008 election it would speak volumes on the DNC party’s ability to protect the country. With that realized it is in the Democrats best interest for the country to suffer another 911 before the 2008 election. Many experts think nothing would sew up the election for the DNC quicker than 3000 burning Americans on CNN. It is imperative to the Dems that the inevitable attack happens before the 2008 presidential election.

Is this a ridiculous conspiracy theory? Saying the Democrats would wish and even push a bloody attack onto the American People for the political gain of their party is crazy talk!! The only way the DNC could promote terrorism upon the USA within their time table is by treason and betrayal of the American people. Any evil plot of that magnitude would not be tolerated by the public.

The Democratic Party could orchestrate a bloody Terrorist attack on our soil within their necessary time frame only if they successfully circumvent the efforts of the white House that has kept America safe up to now. There is no way the post 911 public would tolerate such a plan....

The Democratic Party would have to be evil enough to promote the unthinkable…

  1. Blocking any interrogation of captured terrorists and demands their release back into the field to return to killing Americans making an attack easier and quicker.
  2. Blocking any vital info learned from the communications of the terrorist cells operating within our country and Al-Qaida to be used to stop an attack.
  3. Allowing unfettered contacts between Al-Qaida members to better plan their attack quicker.
  4. Provide legal council to any terrorists arrested within the USA through the ACLU to promote aid and comfort to the enemy leading to a quicker attack.
  5. Provide classified information to the terrorist thru leaks to the media to allow them better knowledge of the USA‘s weaknesses and future plans making an attack easier and quicker..
  6. Provide the Terrorists with inflammatory prison photos and material necessary to better recruit new terrorists allowing for a quicker attack.
  7. Portray the USA as wrongfully persecuting the Muslim Extremists and make them believe the American public, like Al-Qaida does not support the US Government in its War on Terror thus promoting a morale boost resulting in a quicker attack.
  8. Cover the Governments eyes and ears making it blind to a pending attack.

As you can see such an agenda would be too obvious and the American Public would not tolerate a blatant attempt to promote a large scale terrorist attack on our country for political gain. Hasting the killing thousands of innocent Americans just to win the election in 2008 would be insane.

Just another empty conspiracy theory? Or is it a must do for the Democratic Party to do all within their power to push, aid and support the next 911 style attack into Bush’s watch? .....Just food for thought.