Barack Hussein Obama's Wholesale Racism

R. Merle Lavengood 10/22/08

I am sick and tired of the outrageous levels of racism flowing out of the Obama campaign. Anything that may be embarrassing or controversial to the Obama campaign is automatically tagged racist.

B J Clinton left us with his legacy of making casual oral sex acceptable to the highschool girls of America and now Barack Hussein Obama has given us the automatic race card.

His middle name is a Muslim name and as such is a racist slur if used. To use an Arab sounding name is now racist. Someone should let Mohamed Ali know that his self chosen name is racist!

To suggest that Obama’s friend and former head of Freddie Mac, Franklin Raines improperly cooked the books for personal gain helping the eventual collapse of the banking industry is racist. We now learn that because Raines is black he is off limits to any responsibility for his actions.

The word “welfare” is now a racist code word for black even though more white people have received welfare than black.

To suggest any impropriety in the relationship of Obama with William Ayers is racist even though Bomber Billy is white… The term Community Organizer is now a code word for black and racist. Socialist is now a racist code word for black. For anyone that is not black to vote for a non-black person is racist. The list is endless and grows everyday.

The new rule in America is that anything that doesn’t lick the sweat off Obama’s ass is racist! Should Obama manage to Acorn his way into the Whitehouse, white America will be gagged for the next two terms since everything we say will be ruled racist.

We recently saw several well intentioned Black leaders take on the crusade of killing the word “Nigger“. Headlines touted that the word “Nigger” was dead!

The word nigger may be dead but thanks to Obama we now have a whole cotton field full of new replacement code words for nigger. Obama has proclaimed words like “elitist“ and “arrogant“ as racist code words for black and the new “Nigger“... Personally I think the word “Barack” is code word for “short sighted stupid wigger “.

Barack is nothing more than a white guy with a drive by black gene thrown in that he is now using to divide this country for his own gain.

He is banking on white America finding being accused of being racist worse than having the country taken over by a socialist terror cell quietly building since the 60s.

The only racial group in this country that DOES NOT vote strictly on racial lines is whites of European decent! Every other race in this country traditionally votes according to skin color yet it is the whites being bashed repeatedly with the racist club by Obama. The attacks from Obama are nothing short of assault. A group of people can only be abused for so long before they stand up and say enough is enough and fight back in self defense.

Maybe it’s time to just say to hell with it. If Barack Hussein is going to label everything critical of him as a racist and derogatory code word for black, then let's just take his lead and replace everything with the word Nigger! That's what he is implying we mean, maybe we need to show him the difference between the word nigger and the word welfare. To paint all whites that support a Republican candidate as racist is bullshit.

In 1862 over unanimous Democrat opposition, Republican Congress passed the Confiscation Act stating that slaves of the Confederacy “shall be forever free” ending slavery in this country.

The Democrats, every one of them, voted against the freedom of slaves! Yet he has the audacity to paint the white Republicans as racists! That lack of appreciation from Barack earns him nothing less than a sound "fuck you!".

If it weren't for white Republicans every black person in this country would still be a slave.

Barack Nigger Obama kind of has a ring to it even though I find it very offensive. But if Barack has made "Hussein" a racial slur to the level of the "complementary term if used by blacks and racial intimidation if used by whites" word of nigger then what's the difference?

As long as Barack Hussein is actively demonizing any and all whites voting Republican as racist, then why even try to appease him. Since the black community as a whole is rallying behind the racial wall he is hiding behind than why mince words.

For a man that promised the huge crowds at the free beer-fest in Berlin that he will bring the races and religion together all over the world, he sure throws the race card around pretty freely...

When Barack cheapens the definition of racist he sets race relations back to the sixties. Back to when his Democratic party rallied with a 14 hour filibuster from ex-clansman Democratic Senator KKK Bird to deny blacks equal rights that the evil Republican party fought day and night to give them.

If being a non-socialist white man that thinks voting for a man with no executive experience is stupid makes him a racist then free elections are as dead as unbiased journalism in this country.