It is time to realize we are witnessing a Marxist Coup

R. Merle Lavengood 11/02/08

Since July of this year we have learned that Barack in his own words has always “gravitated” towards Marxists. As such he has always believed in a Socialist agenda of redistribution of wealth. He has even narrowed that down to a program of rewarding only the black community with the confiscated booty.

We have learned that his family is on record saying he was born in Kenya and as such is not eligible to be the President. The only document he has produced so far to certify his citizenship is a Document of Live Birth that has proven to be a bad forgery altering his half sister’s paperwork to appear to be his.

We know he has taken bribes from evil developers in Chicago.

He was instrumental in forming and defending the covert voter fraud organization ACORN.

He in his own words views the Constitution of the United States as a
“fundamental flaw” in this country and plans on rewriting it even though the President’s duty is to uphold the Constitution.

He is on record calling the Bill of Rights an outdated document that needs to be scrapped.

We have learned that Barack is taking illegal donations from foreign nationals and terrorist organizations that want to overthrow the US Government.

He is allied with Scumbag Bill Ayers who is also on record of saying he didn’t blow up enough stuff in the 70s, doesn’t feel remorse for the three people he and his wife murdered in the 80s and is still wanting to overtake the government.

His plan includes re-education camps in the desert of the Southwest were he wants to engage in a modern day holocaust of Americans that don’t freely surrender to his new order. He has stated they figure they will have to kill twenty-five million Americans minimum and leave them in mass graves in the desert to properly execute his (and coincidentally Barack’s) plan for the new government of the United States.

Even with all this outrageous and anti-American roots, half the country is still following him like zombies into the fires of hell.

But the problem that keeps me up at night is one that even the rightwing radio hasn’t touched on. Barack's statements that he will need a “civilian military” to allow him to carry out his plans for America! He will make this internal army as powerful and as well funded as the regular military. Tanks, fighter jets, Blackhawk choppers, Nuclear missiles and marshal law… One has to be seriously concerned over what he has in mind for this country so radical and against the will of the people that it will require tanks and helicopters to implement.

The current military is prohibited from being used for police action, IE against the US citizenry. Barack’s new army will circumvent the laws and allow him to use the new killing machine to quell any resistance to his “fundamentally new America” he promises.

Basically if you are going to confiscate all property and march America off to reeducation camps you will need a military as powerful as the regular armed forces to combat the rebellion and counter any attempt of the current military to come to the rescue of the American people.

This sounds like the classic conspiracy wacko crap but the shoes keep dropping. He has the backing of every major terrorist organization and anti-American hate group in the world. American households are being called daily with pro-Obama messages from phone banks inside the Gaza Strip...

Yes he has a few radicals in his past, hell who doesn’t? Where the concern comes in is that he doesn’t have any non-radicals in his past to balance them out…

More than one of his mentors have written books on how to overtake the government and they all read like a diagram of Obama’s rise to power!

Barack will quickly have three Supreme Court Justices to appoint. It will only take two to overturn the ruling on the 2nd amendment making civilian gun ownership illegal and thus total firearms confiscation.

The right to bear arms will not survive the next 4 years and is the first step in the total regime change we will see in our lifetime if Barack cheats his way to office with the help of ACORN.

It has been long said that America’s “political correctness” would be used against us and cause the downfall of our freedoms. The apathy of the stereo typical fat ass American laying on the couch watching sports while swilling beer while the real world sneaks up and stabs him in the back is coming to fruition right before our eyes and we still can’t get the masses to wake up.

Our only hope will be from the once viewed as paranoid survivalists that have had the insight to stockpile a few unregistered guns and ammo for a rainy day. Other than that resistance is futile.

Bill Ayers is hoping to shove our collective apathy up our ass! Our only hope is that already having our heads stuck up our ass will slow down the process.