Cindy, You Stupid Ignorant Slut!

R Merle Lavengood 11-24-2005

Cindy Sheehan has had her 15 minutes of fame!! Please will someone put her out of her misery. In her one woman quest to become the Jane Fonda of the Iragi war she has embarrassed us all. She had her spotlight over the summer in Crawford Texas only because the anti-republican media was up her skirt licking her ego until she actually believed her own press clippings. The self important bitch felt so empowered that when the media left her to shamefully misrepresent the tragedy of hurricane Katrina she was lost and desperate. In a panic the idiots funding her supplied an old NASCAR bus to set up shop outside of New Orleans closer to the press. After criticizing the national concern over the victims of the storm saying it was only a little wind and rain, she lied to a local school covering her name on the side of the bus and saying that she was with the Red Cross. After a couple of days of swallowing the long list of bullshit she was spitting out the school board learned the truth and kicked her lying ass out.

Then her loser brigade rolled their old crappy Rosa Parks bus to Washington to put on a well rehearsed stage show to be intentionally arrested at the White House. She laughed all the way to the paddy wagon happy to be on camera again.

After a long break of no one caring she has turned back up in Crawford for Thanksgiving with her no life minions hoping to regain her worn out welcome throughout America.


After what seems like a lifetime of rallying you were able to pull a whole 12 people together to support you in Crawford out of the whole Nation of almost 300 million people!! I've personally witnessed more people get arrested at a keg party than you could rally when the police broke up camp Codey!!

Out of 295,734,134 people in this country that leaves 295,734,122 people that don’t find you’re worn out ass worth getting out of their lazyboy to support. Twelve people does not constitute a "peace movement". I have had bigger movements after eating Taco Bell! I have no trouble rallying twice that many people at any given time just by firing up the blender on the boat dock! Here in Detroit we have more than once amassed over a million people with only a couple of days notice to stand out in the cold on a work day to watch a bunch of toothless Russians and Canadians with hockey sticks parade down Woodward after winning the NHL Championship!!

Hats off to Cindy’s group of concerned stragglers that made the personal sacrifice of crawling out of their mother’s basement where they live and stand up to be counted. All twelve of them!!

Shame on Cindy, the leftwing whackos and the press for fingering her into a self important feeding frenzy making an ass out of the whole damn van load of supporters hoping to be seen on TV by everyone back in the trailer park.

I never though this would be an insult but……your no Jane Fonda!! Jared could show up on the corner with a submarine sandwich and upstage your wrinkly ass. Stop trampling on everything your son believed in, re-enlisted, fought and died for and shut up. Go walk around the Muslim Middle East for a few days spouting off and learn what your son was fighting for. If it wasn’t for brave men like your Casey you would find yourself tied to a stake in the town square awaiting your sentence of death by stoning for publicly speaking out. Stop the spoiled "only child" hysterics of "everyone look at me!!!" and give it a rest.

©R.M.Lavengood 11-24-2005