Victory Through Carpet Bombing

R.Merle Lavengood 12/11/06

With the publishing of the Iraq Study Group's recommendations last week all the appeasers are touting because the board felt that a system of talks rather than a military response is the better choice of action.

Being that all the people on the board are diplomats and their job is talking what is to be expected. Not a single military expert was invited to the board that's mission was to explore how to proceed with the war.

It only stands to reason that a nonmilitary decision would emerge. Ask a wood worker what a desk should be built out of and he will tell you wood. Ask a metal worker and he will tell you metal. No surprises here to the logical people without an agenda.

The reality that has been shown over and over throughout the ages is that the Arabs view talks as a sign of weakness and don’t keep their word after negotiations because the culture doesn’t

comprehend the whole concept of talking out your differences.

Strength is shown only through action. This is an ancient civilization with values and reasoning un-evolved from the times of the Crusader’s conquests through the region. This can be seen repeatedly in the Israeli/ Palestinian talks.

All is worked out and a major peace agreement is agreed on and Yasir goes home and starts launching mortars at Israel like nothing happened. This is how business is done in the Arab world. Lying is just an agreed upon part of doing business and the better liar you are the more respect you receive from your peers.

This is common knowledge to anyone who like myself deals with Arab merchants on a regular basis. It is viewed with absolute pride along with the yelling and threats that are part of negotiations. To watch old friends haggle out a deal in the Middle East you would think they are arch enemies about to fistfight.

Talking in polite terms is a sign of weakness and is treated as such. We have seen it repeatedly yet the appeasers line up like cattle willing to go to slaughter over and over to defend their ignorance.

The weak and whining insisted we go into Iraq with a small force concerned what the world might think if we came in big and heavy. Then the same wimpy crowd complain we haven’t finished the mission yet.

If we had not worried about offending France and all their Saddam millions from the Food for Oil bribes we could have kicked ass before Iran got their soldiers in there and Saddam got the WMDs out to Syria. The people that wanted the US to fail sabotaged the war from the start.

The hard ugly truth is we haven’t won a war since we started fighting ideology instead of countries. Fighting insurgents and terrorists in a country we are not fighting is futile. It’s like fighting a child’s lice infection by just washing their hair but not their pillows.

The unwashed pillow will keep a fresh supply of lice infesting the poor kid’s head in an endless cycle until you totally attack the problem and wash everything to kill the source of the vermin.

As long as we don’t declare war on the whole country the Islamic extremist problem will continue in an endless cycle. If we had fought Germany and Japan like this we would still be there fighting.

Until world events allow us to fight a country instead of an invisible force within the country we are banging our heads against the wall. The religious Islamos will push it to that point. Continually emboldened by our left-wing appeasers that want a chance to tell the country “told you so” more than they want a country.

The enemy is fueled from within our own mass media machine. This constant hobbling of the military will sooner than later lead to battle on our own shores. Opening the borders, curtailing gathering intelligence and cry withdrawal and surrender and the inevitable will happen.

Americans feel cozy and safe because they haven’t dealt with war on their own streets like most of the world has. The death and destruction of war is nothing more than an inconvenience on TV and the channel changer will make it go away. I hate to say it but a vast majority of Americans will deserve what they will eventually get through their naive actions.

Time will force our hands once our backs are against the wall and only then will America act like the America of old. The strong, the proud, the best god damn army in the world. Get the embedded pansy press out of the field feeding the enemy full of hope and lies and getting our young boys killed and maimed just to sell papers pushing their Viet Nam modeled agenda. Stop with the PC wars and kick some Arab ass.

We can not win this war with our hands tied behind our backs. Only when we start with the carpet bombing and full force attacks can we defeat the enemies that tell us to our face they are going to kill us as we continue to appease.

We postponed the initial attack on Iraq a month to honor their religious holiday Ramadan yet the largest attack to date against our troops in Iraq was on Thanksgiving and no one raised an objection over the lack of respect displayed to us.

When we decided to schedule and publicize in advance the day we would start our bombing of Baghdad it showed the world that the US was no longer a man’s army but a new sensitive feminized army trying to not hurt anyone’s feelings and thus impotent and ineffective.

The sooner we start carpet bombing the source of the infestation the sooner the world will be safe from the new Islamic Inquisition. I understand like the German people in WWII we have no beef with the citizens of these countries but eventually we will not have a choice.

The good people of these countries need to understand this and stand up against the terrorist factions within their countries before we have to.

War is not meant to be pretty and when you fight politely you lose. No one ever won a bar fight with please and thank you. Only by being the baddest dog in the fight not afraid to kick a few people in the nuts if you have too can you hope to walk out in one piece.

The only way to win a fight is to fight to win. Iran may be the best point of insertion into a winnable war where we can fight like men and achieve our goals as long as we keep the shortsighted libs and the mass media out of the way.

Until then we wait patiently for Iran to attack Israel so we can come to their rescue with the Stealth bombers and bomb Iran out of the world picture and get this show on the road.

The only way to gain respect in the Middle East is to be feared. The longer we wait the larger the chance of history repeating itself with another Religious World Inquisition burning and torturing anyone that doesn’t bow down and submit to their ancient outdated beliefs as it marches around the globe.

You can’t negotiate with religious extremists. They are by virtue of their blind religious belief single minded and willing to lie, cheat, steal and even die to achieve their goal and that goal is to have you and me dead and a global Islamic community under their control through force. The last religion to attempt this achieved it through force. We need to get ahead of this one before it’s too late.