Clinical Left Wing Depression

R Merle Lavengood 3/20/2006

In the much publicized study released this week showing the demographics of who is happier in the US, an interesting observation came to light.

Republicans are happier than Democrats

“About 45 percent of Republicans said they were very happy, compared with 30 percent of Democrats. Republicans have been happier in surveys going back to 1972, the Pew study notes.”

Even during periods of Democratic Presidency this was found to be the rule. Regardless of the income bracket this simple fact remains constant. The often used phrase “left wing doom and gloom” now has a scientific foundation to support it.

After reading several different versions of the study’s findings in the media and science/medical sites it made me think that "happy and sad" is just a shot across the bow of this issue.

I have come to the conclusion that being a Left Wing Democrat is a classic symptom of Clinical Depression.

To quote,

If things seem hopeless just now...

That's depression talking. Clinical depression changes how you think and affects your perceptions

If it seems like nothing good has ever happened...

Remember that depression affects the way you recall memories

Left Wing ideology is a form of clinical depression that keeps the sufferer trapped in a cycle of depression with no viable way out. The classic traits of Clinical Left Wing Depression (CLWD) are the endless feelings of helplessness, doom and victimization. The unhealthy level of the “chicken little complex” that permeates this mental illness is quite obvious to others that don’t suffer from the brain disorder.

The inflicted person has to maintain a self-imposed world of disaster and a perceived apocalyptic near future at the hands of incompetent people within their own government that they believe to be dictators and intentionally causing harm to the helpless masses. They are tied to the feelings that they have the obvious answers that will save the world but are unable to act because evil powers are wrongfully suppressing them .

In order to maintain this mania the sufferers of CLWD must never let themselves ever actually have the chance to put their psychosis to the test and thus be proven wrong and have their mental illness exposed. To do this the mania has to be presented in such a way that even under Democratic rule they are perceived as extremists and not allowed to act on their fantasies. The illness requires that the sufferer keeps a shield of unrealistic and outrageous world perceptions between themselves and reality. Everything any elected leader does is wrong and in the eyes of the CLWD any and all political actions are thought to be a personal attack against their ideology.

If people suffering CLWD were given the power to actually act on their political positions their mental illness would cause them to self-destruct and retreat to the shadows of their brains where they can point blame and hide behind the safety of their victim complex. The whole illness' denial revolves around never being taken seriously enough to ever have to produce results.

I think it would be in the GOP’s best interest to fund studies into the causes of CLWD Disease and find out how to best help the victims of this tragic mental illness.