Democrats have two choices

Bitchy or Black

R. Merle Lavengood 11/03/2007

As I watch the Presidential election unfold I can’t help but wonder how this nation has learned to accept such a low qualification and skill level to run this country.

When I look at Hillary and Obama, the top runners on the Dem’s side I find it scary what is expected of a person before giving them the keys and turning them loose in the Whitehouse. Running this or any country takes a lot of high level corporate type business knowledge and skill. We are choosing the CEO of the most powerful country in the world yet people are lining up to choose people with no business experience at all to lead this company/country through some of the most trying of times.

If the share holders of GM were told a new CEO was being hired with less hands-on business management experience than the manager of a strip club people would revolt. The investers would laugh at the thought that a potential CEO has never so much as run a 7-11 and is due the position solely because they are a woman or black. Yet that’s exactly what we have happening nationally before us right now!

The concept is to find someone that has proven themselves over the years by running a major city, corporation and or a state. Someone that has had to balance a budget and meet payroll. Someone that has been under pressure many times before and has shown the ability to remain in charge and get the job done.

When someone can run a top rated campaign on the basis that they at one time made up no more than half of a Presidential blowjob team it does not make for a top end CEO. Falling into a senate seat does not prove leadership. At best it proves the other guy was a bigger loser or poorer than you.

At least the Republicans are coming to the table with experience and knowledge. I find it hard to believe the Democrats can’t come up with a better team to bring into the arena. The only conceivable explanation is that Hillary’s team of strong armers has scared off all but the foolish from running against her in the primaries.

Another sign of our country collectively taking our eyes off the ball is the preoccupation with abortion. The choice of President may come down to the perception of who has the final say and personal rights over a woman’s body.

Droves of people will refuse to vote for the best candidate and elect a train wreck instead because of the person's stand now or in the past on abortion. Something the President has little or no control over anyway.

The Southern Bible belt will throw a whole election on its ear in fear of a Pro-Choice President being elected all the while having the highest per capita abortion rate in the country. A better plan would be to issue condoms with every Bible handed out in Sunday School and slow the horny little holy rollers down!

The Republicans are giving you a wide choice of business styles and bulging resumes while the Democrats are banking on the "white guilt" vote with the minority of your choice. They have limited your choices to gender and race , bitchy or black.