Raise your Bacon High in the Name of American Freedom

R.Merle Lavengood 12/19/10


The blind politically correct assholes in America are dooming us to the same fate that Europe is struggling with today. The Muslim extremists are taking over Europe one protest at a time and those idiots are rolling over to appease their conquerors.

 France is putting up a fight in the courts but it’s proving to be a little too late. The UK is on the brink of collapse and the leftists are still fighting over who can wave the white flag first.

The School systems have surrendered throughout Europe and the American Schools are following suit. The Holocaust has been dropped from the history books. Muslims find it offensive and a lie.

The 150 year old classic “The Three Little Pigs” has been changed to The Three Little Puppies”. Any mention of pigs has been banned. Santa has been banned for fear of offending Muslim kids in the Head Start classes in Minnesota.

All in the name of NOT OFFENDING immigrant MUSLIMS!!

The Red Cross in the UK has banned Christmas for fear of offending Muslims.

The courts in Austria have banned their national tradition of yodeling because it offends Muslims.

Toy manufacturers around the world have stopped including toy pigs in their games afraid of offending Muslims.

The Hamas front group Cair, The Council on American-Islamic Relations , America's largest Muslim civil liberties advocacy organization has protested the TSA searches designed to stop Muslim attacks as offensive to Muslims.

The White House actually entertained the thought of making Muslims exempt from searches for terrorists… Public outcry has put such an idea on hold.

Seeing Eye dogs are systematically being banned from use because they offend Muslims.

Restaurants are being forced to drop bacon and other pork from the menus due to Muslim outrage.

Like infesting locusts the Muslims are using political correctness to conquer the world. The Christians employed huge armies and slaughtered millions of non-believers in their successful quest for world domination during the Crusades. The Towel Heads have been able to acomplish the same thing bloodlessly through the courts today.

Sharia Law is recognized in the UK as a parallel court system thus signaling the battle is all but over. Here in the US, Oklahoma had the insight to counter the growing call for Sharia Law with a vote to ban Sharia from their courts.

Seems simple enough but the courts have ruled the law unconstitutional opening the door to Muslim law here in the states.

The beginning of the end has landed on our door step and Americans are more worried about who won The Biggest Loser.

Not until bacon has been replaced with hanging goat heads covered in flies at the grocery stores will most Americans lift their complacent eyes from the sports page long enough to realize it too late.

Even with Europe being ravished right in front of our eyes as a testament to our future the liberals in this country are welcoming our cultural enemies through the front door with smiles on their smug faces and a fresh batch of brownies.

This is bullshit! We should be combating the conversion with all our might. America stands to lose everything our people have sacrificed for since her birth and not a single shot will be fired.

Why should we change our world to conform to theirs? They have their world already in the Middle East. Why should we forfeit ours so they can have two worlds and we have none?

America has to stop sucking Muslim dick and live our own lives. Embrace our differences making it even less hospitable to the cultural invaders.

We even know the enemies Kryptonite!


Make pigs semi-sacred like the cows in India only we can still eat them maybe. Our troops fighting overseas should be dropping pallets of freshly fried bacon from C-130s before attacking the insurgents. It would clear the battlefield and smell damn good all at the same time.

The Muslim world has shown no appreciation for the advances the Western World has provided them. Things like oil money, electricity, cars, soap and toilet paper to mention but a few.

We have our world, they have theirs. Let’s keep it that way…

Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims

Church school renames Three Little Pigs to avoid offending Muslims

Minnesota: Santa Claus banned from Head Start classes to avoid offending Muslims

'Unclean' guide dog banned by Muslim cab driver

Beverley’s Snack Shack 'offending Muslims with bacon smell'

The Red Cross bans Christmas to avoid offending Muslims

Austria: Judge rules yodeling is offensive to Muslims

Early Learning Centre bans toy pig from farmyard set for fear of offending Muslims

Napolitano May Exempt Muslims From Airport Pat-Downs to avoid offending Muslims