America's Appeasers

R.Merle Lavengood 7/21/06

As Israel’s "20 day war" approaches the 2 week mark the media is full of people in the USA crying that it’s our fault Israel was attacked. Iran and all the Iranian backed terrorist groups wouldn’t be so upset if the US hadn’t attacked Al Qaida after 911. It’s Bush’s fault.

The theory is it’s better to suffer a few hornet stings every now and then than risk several stings removing the hornet's nest.

Many Americans feel that the Islamic Lottery is the better way to go. Just let the Islamo-nazis torture, behead, burn and kill all the Americans they want as long as the news reports of the murders doesn’t interfere with prime time TV or the sports game on the weekends. Americans feel safe in their homes stretched out on the couch watching TV from under their blanket. Since most people use this system to safely experience the world around them from a comfortable distance, it’s natural for people to adopt a stance that terrorism is like a train wreck, it’s one of those things that happens to other people not you.

These couch commandoes are willing to trade a few hundred and even thousands of other American lives a year to terrorist killings in the belief that the world will like us more if we just smile and shrug our shoulders.

These people have existed since the birth of this country. During the Revolutionary War they volunteered as guides to the British Army and helped the Brits kill as many Americans as possible afraid to not be liked in the world community. These British Loyalists felt it was better to be quite and submissively abused for life than stand up say enough is enough.

The same people bitched that Hitler was not our problem. That we should let him have all of Europe he wants and mind our own business. Throughout the USA’s involvement in WWII they bitched that we were the “Hitlers” and were wrong to stand up and fight back after Pearl Harbor. These people rooted for America’s failure right up to the end of the war.

Through out the Korean/Vietnam War these same people supported the Jane Fonda crowd and any country willing to kill Americans. They cheered the nightly US Soldier death tally in a self defeating “I told you so” rally cry.

Now here we sit at the brink of world war against a religion that has vowed to bring the western civilizations down and force the death to all but the most radical of their God’s believers.

As I have always said….

Know Jesus, Know War - No Jesus, No War

Americans have lived in a bubble wrap world for so many years since the Japs ambushed us in the 40s that people have begun to feel that the real world can’t actually touch them. 911 has been forgotten by the masses like an old Married with Children rerun and viewed as having just as much importance in their lives.

These people deserve to relive the history they are to busy watching game shows to be bothered with. The problem is that in doing so the rest of us have to suffer the consequences along with these idiots.

Even recent history shows that being polite and politically correct trying to make everyone happy and like us results in more attacks from an enemy that only recognizes brute strength in it’s admitted quest for world religious domination.

It would be nice if the world all got along and held hands singing Kum-By-Ya but the uncomfortable truth is that as long as religion exists there will never be universal peace and love in our world. There are plenty of people willing to kill you to prove their God and religion of peace is better than yours.

The religious world war will never be over like the Great Wars of the past. The churches and mosque are breeding solders as we speak. Western Civilization barely survived the Dark Ages when under the amazingly similar attack from the Christian Church yet we have not learned from history. History and the truth is not always what you wish it was and to ignore it is a fatal mistake.

The appeasers that feel America needs to cower in the corner and allow the world’s madmen to shit on our way of life, don’t deserve our way of life. If these short sighted people had there way throughout US history America wouldn’t be here to kick around.

The phrase “The American Way” doesn’t refer to hiding behind mommy's skirt crying because a bully keeps picking on us!

It stands for “Don’t Tread On Me”

Not "Thank You Sir, Might I Have Another"

This isn’t France where anyone showing up at the border with a bad hair cut and a baseball bat is given a white flag and an apology before being offered dinner and their wives.

This is America the Proud, the Strong, the leader of the Free World.

Not America the Ashamed, the Timid, the Leader of the choir club.

We weren't granted the right to be the greatest nation on Earth!. We earned it.

So get off your whiny fat ass, stand tall and act like it!