The Angel of No Mercy

R. merle Lavengood 12/17/2006

All the bleeding heart anti-capital punishment crybabies are up in arms over the “botched” execution in Florida of career criminal Angel Nieves Diaz on December 13th. The needle wasn’t inserted properly and he was caused discomfort during his death, poor baby. I give it a big “Who Cares”. I’m sick of the major press it's receiving across the whole world. In my opinion the execution went even better than planned.

Where were the bleeding hearts crying over the pain suffered by the man he and his partner in crime Angel Toro gunned down in cold blood at the Velvet Swing Lounge while robbing it.

No mention of the murdered man's pain or even his name in the lionization of the Angel boys. In fact most of the press will only refer to Joseph Nagy as “a topless bar manager” to paint him as less than human to the average Joe on the street.

The people truly upset by a second dose of poison having to be injected into his IV need a reality check. The second dose should have been a bullet in the chest from the same gun he murdered Joseph in cold blood with.

Angel Diaz and his friend Angel Toro planned the kidnapping of several of the bar employees and the subsequent murder/execution of the manager just to get some quick beer money. I’m surprised Angel and Angel couldn’t find at least one cousin named Jesus to help with the killing just to round out the holy duo. The fact that it took 27 years to dish out his sentence after the murder is the biggest botched aspect of his judgment day.

I’m appalled by the press having a pity party for Angel. All the press releases were slanted to further their anti-execution laws agenda. Angel deserves no pity and all the knee jerk reactions to his less than comfy execution by Jeb Bush by canceling further executions is ridiculous. The liberal whiners have forgotten who the victims are and who are the monsters we need off our streets. This man did not deserve so much as a mention in the news.

Along with the murder, Angel was also convicted of four counts of kidnapping, two counts of armed robbery, one count of attempted robbery and one count of possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Prior to Joseph's murder Diaz's record includes a second-degree murder conviction in his native Puerto Rico and prison escapes there and in Connecticut, where in 1981 he escaped from the Hartford Correctional Center by holding one guard at knifepoint while another was beaten as he and three other inmates escaped, according to court records.

And all this by a man named Angel. The news media found it in their heart to publish pictures of his mother and relatives crying and carrying on in front of the prison before the execution. They should have shown Joseph's family singing and dancing in celebration of Angel's punishment.

Instead we are supposed to feel sorry for a woman whose fine mothering skills created an out of control monster loose on the world preying on and killing good people.

There were several requests for clemency made by the governor of his native Puerto Rico where he escaped from prison while serving time for a murder before fleeing to the US. If this is the kind of people Puerto Rico feels should be walking around our streets reeking havoc maybe we need to start deporting these idiots in a preemptive strike to protect the hard working people of this country. I think a large catapult in the Keys aimed in their general direction would do it.

Less love for the murderers and more love for the victims please. It sounds like common sense but the anti-capital Punishment crowd doesn’t see it that way.