Racial Quotas only Promote Disaster and Prejudice in America

R.Merle Lavengood 1/13/10


Affirmative action is still the knee jerk liberal reaction to minorities even after a year of the new era of a black presidency. Even though the practice is technically dead it is being backdoored into the American fabric. Thus setting equality between the races further back or proving there is a natural inequality in some people’s view.

As I have written before affirmative action only downgrades every qualified person in the workplace regardless of race or gender. Every successful woman or Black/Hispanic man during the affirmative action days were viewed as having succeeded only due to their skin color or genitalia and is assumed to be less qualified than the white people he or she jumped over with the promotion.

This was supposed to change as prominent Black men climbed to the top of their field proving the equality glass ceiling had been broken.

Much was made of Tiger Woods when he dominated Golf. Only in America could a man that is one-quarter Chinese, one-quarter Thai, one-quarter African American, one-eighth Native American, and one-eighth Dutch become the first black PGA Champion.

His success as a Blackman was said to prove the black culture had arrived. The pinnacle of this statement is said to be our having elected a rich white man with a drive by black sperm donor of a dad as the first Black President thus putting affirmative action to bed.

The problem with the death of affirmative action is that the PC quotas still persist often higher than the racial makeup of the region and thus creating conflicts.

When liberal employers can’t use affirmative action to promote less qualified people then the notion of running a company/country using the best and brightest makes the average liberal mind overload. There are a lot of minorities that are the best of the brightest but they will always be looked down on due to affirmative action.

This lesson still hasn’t been learned. In fear of lawsuits the country is still enforcing their own affirmative action. The latest examples of this are ObamaLand Chicago’s pending decision to no longer have an exam to become a police officer.

There seems to not be enough Blacks in Chicago that can read and write to fill the police’s quota of black officers. With this policy every deserving educated black and Hispanic police officer in the Windy City will automatically be viewed as a stupid N-word by everyone they interact with. How will they earn and gain respect from the public when the city has issued a dunce cap with their uniforms.

The writing is on the wall when the PD points out that as of last year, one in four patrol officers were African-American, but just one in 12 Lieutenants were of color.

Apparently the plan is to hire a few dozen busloads of illiterate blacks and Hispanics to fast track to top positions within the department causing the public image of all non-white supervisors to be someone that wasn’t qualified enough to get hired into Wal-Mart but can be put in charge of the safety of the city’s resident’s.

Once the stupid uneducated promotion policy is enacted, every time an African American officer steps out of his car the reaction of all involved will be a roll of the eyes with the words “oh shit” muttered under their breath. The assumption being that the controlling figure in a possibly life and death situation involving themselves doesn’t have the common sense to learn basic subtraction.

The liberals have extended this problem into other dysfunctional groups also. The Gay, Lesbian and the Surgically Confused rights groups are doing themselves no favors either.

They are demanding to be treated equal yet their view of equal is not equal. The GL&SC’s lawyers and lobbyists have pushed through legislation making slapping a drag queen back a hate crime. That is not equality. The new law makes it a crime punishable with prison time should Prancer break one of his Lee Nails in a bar fight.

The Pole Puffer Protection Act passed last year gives special rights to any man that can produce a YouTube clip of themselves with a penis in their mouth.

Their conquest of special privilege has already reached out and tagged Obama’s latest appointee to the White House. He has appointed in typical lib fashion as the first electively dickless man to the U.S. Commerce Department.

A(dickless)manda Simpson has already felt the sting of affirmative action publicly stating he wishes people didn’t automatically assume that he was picked due to his lack of male genitalia even though that is exactly why he was hired.

He states, “Are you here to do a job or just to fill a quota or appease other people? In that regard it makes it a bit more difficult," she(he) said. "I'm sure I will have to do and intend to do a far superior job than any other person. But I'm sure I will always be second guessed."

The Gays are outraged at Obama’s broken promises (get in line sisters) to the gay and pole puffing communities to gain their votes. Amanda’s hiring was nothing more than a token offering in the hope of appeasing the Mazda Miata crowd.

The fact that a group consisting of less than one percent of the population is demanding the world to bow at their feet is not an indication that they are satisfied with mere equality.

Having left Affirmative Action behind us was meant to stop these issues yet the Liberal Democrat can’t help himself. By letting their white guilt override common sense they have perpetuated the problem into eternity. They have banned white men from ever being appointed to the Supreme Court ever again.

Let minorities achieve their success and or failures on their own. Allow people of all races to be rewarded for their efforts and achievements.

Only then can there be dignity and equality to all races. Quotas and Affirmative action only hangs a sign around every non-white male American saying that they are too stupid to tie their own shoes and prolongs the assumption that all whites are discriminated against by proxy.

©R M Lavengood