Affirmative Action

R. Merle Lavengood 10/16/06

Here in Michigan we have a vote coming up on whether to ban affirmative action in the admissions process within our schools. This is a very heated debate across political and social lines.

The race card is being used as a weapon and fuzzy logic is in abundance.The basic concept affirmative action is that Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and white women are too stupid to study hard and get good test scores so they must be allowed to cheat to fairly compete with the evil white men that have unfairly studied.

We should be more concerned with promoting the best and the brightest instead of propping up the not-so best or brightest, regardless of skin color or sex organ. When being White, Male and working hard to be your best is considered a handicap it’s time to review the standards.

How long can we survive in the world climate when we are watering down our academic gene pool. This isn’t a battle between white and black. It’s a battle between right and wrong and the American way.

Asian Americans average 5 points higher IQ than White Americans. Does that mean they should be handicapped to let my less deserving white ass in line in front of them if I score less than him or her on my test, NO.

But in the Affirmative Action world the Asian student gets extra points added to their test as a reward for his or her choosing to pop out of an Asian vagina. Black Americans average 15 points less than Whitey. I think that number is exaggerated by the lack of motivation to do well on testing within the cultural framework.

Black kids that study hard and achieve above average results are taunted and harassed by fellow Black students as being sell outs and Uncle Toms. The average IQ studies include these self-destructive idiots thus watering down the total average through stupidity, not through being dumber.

Many major researchers like Dr. William Shockley have had their whole careers destroyed for publishing their findings of the differences between the races in this country. Several Black research groups have studied the numbers of the Bell Curve to prove the white devil’s wrong but the results always come out the same.

This is still not enough to save Whitey's credibility and Dr. Shockley and others were still victimized and destroyed by angry black groups. Researchers that point out this difference are called racist liars yet the whole concept of Affirmative Action is just that, an admission that Blacks and Hispanics as a whole aren’t smart enough to apply themselves and succeed along side Whites.

Another problem is the assumption by the Michigan State lawmakers that people from Michigan are stupid. When it comes to any common sense legislation that is tried and trued elsewhere Lansing comes out of the woodwork to declare Michiganders incompetent and unable to handle what the rest of the country does daily.

All because the Governor feels that the citizens of Michigan are to stupid to leave the house without government supervision and hand holding. Affirmative Action is no different. The lawmakers and Black Power groups feel that Blacks are too stupid to make it on their own without Government oversight and White America has to be punished for it.

Even though after dropping Affirmative Action elsewhere in the country the number of blacks applying to and being accepted by colleges drop initially, after a few years the ratio of Minority to White students return as a rule. Immediately after a similar anti-Affirmative Action initiative took effect in California, the numbers of black, Latino and Native American students dropped throughout the University of California system.

In recent years, however, those numbers have inched up to meet or surpass pre-initiative levels throughout the system. Yet our Governor is assuring us that Michigan minorities aren’t smart enough to do the same.

The goal of the education system is to produce the best and the brightest regardless of skin color or penis possession. Tying our hands behind our back by sidelining our best and promoting the mediocre is bringing about the end of America’s role at the cutting edge of world science and engineering.

All as a means to ease the level of White Guilt imposed on Americans today. Several groups are trying to keep the proposal off the ballot saying it is unfair to give people the choice. The group “By Any Means Necessary“ is one of these groups and state that “Our concern is that Michigan has an 83 percent white electorate and in the privacy of the voting booth, many white people, although they may tell pollsters otherwise, will vote for white privilege.

“White privilege has been defined by minority groups as the same Rights for Whitey as Blacks have! Is not having a lower scoring minority student bump a high scoring White student out of the college admissions roster is not a Privilege for minorities ?

Affirmative Action is Discrimination!!

Just as I don’t believe making non-minority quotas in the NBA and forcing teams to dump their better players to make room for less talented short players would improve the game and give the teams an advantage against foreign teams with no such restrictions.

I don’t believe Affirmative Action is helping American Academics and has outlived it’s usefulness. Another byproduct of Affirmative action is the often unfair assumption that a minority employee holding an upper level position within a company got the promotion based on skin color and not achievements leaving more qualified White employees behind.

This stigma will always exist as long as there is affirmative action. To vote for Affirmative Action is just the confirmation that you feel that Women, Blacks and Hispanics are too stupid to get into a college or a good job without government assistance.

A vote against Affirmative Action is the declaration that you don’t feel that Women, Blacks and Hispanics are stupid, lazy and helpless. But rather proud people that don’t need handouts to succeed in this country.

To support Affirmative Action is to look your Black and Hispanic family members, friends and coworkers in the eye and tell them you feel in your heart that they are too ignorant to make it on their own.

The proud cultures and heritage that make up the minorities of America should not be degraded and insulted this way.

Affirmative Action needs to be eliminated