Freedomless 4th of July

7/1/07 R. Merle Lavengood

The 4th of July is a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy in this country. We do this by outlawing all of the traditional fireworks shot off by the citizens of this great country.

Most states relegate the residents to cheap ass sparklers because of the Government’s view that because a small handful of idiots aren’t smart enough to light a fuse and back up that everyone must be punished for their stupidity.

This country was founded on personal freedoms yet the politicians are standing in line to legislate our freedoms away to look like they care about their people.

A knee jerk reaction to the evolutional weeding out of the idiots before they have the chance to breed more idiots. If you can’t light a fuse and step back, then your gene pool should be on the endangered list anyway. That’s how nature works.

Just because the fry-tech at Wendy’s doesn’t know which end of the firecracker to not put in his mouth, why should the majority of the population that have a 10th grade or better education have to suffer.

When I can buy a chain saw and a table saw on any day of the week I feel I can be trusted with a firecracker.

I don’t need a permit to buy a high-powered rifle but don’t even think of possessing a bottle rocket.

It leaves a sour taste in my mouth every year on the 4th when I am under the threat of arrest and possible jail time if I so much as hold a sparkler in my hand while it’s burning, while celebrating the freedoms of our country.

40 states will allow their citizens to possess concealed weapons permits and carry a loaded pistol in public but the same person in all but a small handful of states will be arrested if caught in their own backyard with a firecracker.

Allow us the freedom to traditionally celebrate freedom!

I know this is a short rant but I need to relish the new 4th of July tradition of drinking Jack and coke and firing off my box of bootleg smuggled mortars, bottle rockets, roman candles and buttloads of firecrackers and assorted outlawed flying boomers like real Americans were born with the freedoms to own back in the days of American pride.

Don’t Tread On Me!!!